FAIZAL ALI – Faizal Ali Edmonton

Found on: 2022-05-27 02:35:25

Source: FAIZAL ALI – Faizal Ali Edmonton

Ladies be warned it about time someone exposed this loser, my good friend was engaged to this guy five years ago and she dodged a bullet! THIS GUY IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD MANIPULATOR LOSER IN EDMONTON, HE WILL TRY TO RUIN YOUR LIFE FOR HIS OWN SELFISH NEEDS CAUSE HE’S JEALOUS OF EVERYONES SUCCESS. He’s lies cheats steal and will be after your money cause he aint got any of his own, this 2-INCH DICK losers spends his days jerking off to GAY PORN all day while sleeping in the room NEXT TO HIS PARENTS and claims he has a profitable business to lure his next victim, but STEALS SUPPLIES from his buddy’s that work at other company’s and uses these parts in unsuspecting honest people’s houses! This guy DRIVES A LIL GIRL TRUCK and thinks he’s something special. This scrony ACNED FACE LOSER has acne all over his body, don’t believe me ask him to take off his shirt!! Faizal stalks/roams dating apps trying to find his next victim that will make him into a man! This guys cant get anyone half decent women -what a loser- This guy’s body looks like a wet noodle and is into GAY PORN, it’s the only thing that turns him on. He has trouble getting and keeping an erection and uses drugs to be able to get any action to his very very very tiny friend. My gf said his dicks so small the smallest condoms fall off during sex!!! My friend did some digging after he tried to marry another girl, ENGAGED TWICE and both the girls kicked him to the curb where he belongs, poor lil boy nobody wants Faizal Nadeem Ali. This guy is cheap as hell and will stalk you on social media making fake accounts so beware, he will call from all different numbers trying to trap you in a lie, and HE WILL POST YOU ON THE DIRTY once he finds out you see through his bullshit, he’s does this to all his exes. Stay far away from him at all costs. This guys will fuck anything that walks including GUYS HE PICS UP at his weekly hang out spot at Cactus club, Brewhouse and Earls. This degenerate needs to liquor and drugs himself up just to get through the day and then goes out at night begging men and women, anyone to suck his small dicks just so he knows if it works. My gf said a girl contacted her after sleeping with him and she that she saw STDs all over his small dick, thank god my gf never got anything! Shout out to that girl for trying to warn everyone! My gf reports that his CUM SMELLS LIKE RANCID GARBAGE and vomited the first time she smelled it and encouraged him to keep his pants on during their short lived relationship. Faizal Ali is a psychopath and will contact your exes. This high anxiety stinky cum loser will come after you and everything you have and is looking for a sugar mama/sugar daddy and in return you will get an STD. This guys has many run in with the cops and will lie about why they arrested him, usually for jerking off at customer homes, he registered as a sex offender in Canada- ask to see the papers ladies he’s also got a police record for hitting my friend – women abuser what a loser!!!! Faizal Ali thinks he’s a big time electrician but knows he’s a loser and is the biggest coward around stealing from customers houses he work at. Lying stealing and cheating ladies save yourself time and money cause his always has an alternative selfish motive listen to your gut like my gf did, now she is happily married to a successful real man thank god. Faizal skinks like a stinky Punjab hot off the boat, it’s probably cause he has sweaty hands syndrome – just like a skinny snake he slither’s around leaving sweat slime all over you eww gross! This ugly guys is the sickest, and most mental boy in Edmonton, customers at F.A. Electrical Services beware and ladies arm you self when this kid try to date you!! Faizal change your therapist cause the last one you used when my friend left you clearly didn’t work or your just destined to be the butt ugly disfigured dorky STD carrying nobody you know deep down you truly are! Do All the Ladies a favour and go crawl back into that dirty hole of yours you’re a waste of time and air – good luck at ever amounting to something successful, your destined for a life of misery KARMA’s A bitch!!!– but we don’t have to tell you that Faizal – you already know!!!!

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