Everybody Hates Chris Teacher Being Racist Compilation!

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43 thoughts on “Everybody Hates Chris Teacher Being Racist Compilation!”

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  2. Fun fact – Chris Rock is a comedian. All this was a joke people today are weak and sensitive. You got to watch the whole episodes to understand before you watch the little clips and jump to oh my gosh that’s racist.

  3. Lol this is basically leftists. Trying to be sympathetic to blacks while low key being racist. Malcolm X was right

  4. Y'all should find the one when Mrs Morello found out the truth out Chris his dad n his family. She's like Chris why did u lie?

  5. This show did wonders for me as a kid cus I loved Chris (young kid dealing with loving but intense and neglectful parents) and watching him get shit on with racist bs was so infuriating to me cus he was The Shit in my eyes

  6. Esse programa até hoje é amado aqui no Brasil. Passei a adolescência toda assistindo a isso e a Chaves del 8 depois da escola 🥺


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