Events in Granada: Two young people aged 23 and 27 die and another…

Source: Events in Granada: Two young people aged 23 and 27 die and another…

Found on: 2022-09-16 06:36:08

State of the car in the fatal accident on the A-7 / motor firefighters

Firefighters have had to rescue the trapped bodies of three people in the second deadly accident on the Coast in just two days

Two people have died this morning on the A-7, at the height of Melicena, near Albuñol, and a third person remains hospitalized with a reserved prognosis. The traffic accident occurred around 4:30 a.m. this Friday, when the vehicle in which they were traveling overturned. At first there was talk of one deceased and one injured, but finally it has been confirmed that there are two dead, in addition to one seriously injured, as pointed out by the 112 emergency services and the Motril Fire Department.

The driver of a vehicle dies after a head-on collision with a bus in Motril

The deceased are two young people aged 23 and 27, one of whom lived in Adra and the other in Madrid. They were heading towards Almería when, for reasons that are being investigated by the Civil Traffic Guard, the vehicle in which they were traveling left the highway and violently overturned.

Agents from the Civil Guard, road maintenance and health services have traveled to the scene of the incident, mobilized a mobile UVI and have certified the death of two people in the incident. In addition, the presence of Motril Firefighters has been necessary to rescue one of its occupants from the vehicle, the one person injured in critical condition, who had been trapped and who has finally also died, Motril Firefighters have reported. This second fatality has lost his life after receiving health care at the scene.

This is the second fatal accident on the roads of the Granada Coast in just two days. This Thursday the driver of a car died after crashing into a bus on the N-340 at the height of Motril. In the accident, three other injuries were also recorded among the passengers of the bus.

In this accident, in which the road had to be closed at its junction with the GR-16 and the Puerto road, the car of the deceased man, a 36-year-old from Juviles, was completely destroyed after the frontal-lateral collision.

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