Event in Extremadura: A neighbor of Campanario dies after the…

Source: Event in Extremadura: A neighbor of Campanario dies after the…

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This is how the Renault Clio was left in an accident on the EX-104 road, which goes from Villanueva de la Serena to the limit of the province of Córdoba through Cabeza del Buey. / TODAY

The event occurred around 10:00 a.m. on Ex-104

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Second death on Extremadura roads over the weekend. After the deceased in Casatejada this Saturday, this Sunday morning there was a collision on the Ex-104 between a truck and a car that caused the death of a 56-year-old man.

The accident occurred on the Ex-104 highway, at the height of La Coronada, on a straight line. As you have learned TODAY, the truck was heading towards Campanario and tourism, a Renault Clio, in the direction of Villanueva de la Serena.

The fatal victim, Juan Antonio HG, was single with no children and lived in the Badajoz town of Campanario.

Two SES ambulances, firefighters from Don Benito and Castuera parks and a Civil Guard patrol traveled to the scene.

When the toilets arrived at the accident, they could only certify the death of the driver of the car and treated the 61-year-old trucker, who was slightly injured and left the truck on his own feet and was regulating traffic to avoid another accident. After the arrival of the toilets, he was transferred to the Don Benito-Villanueva de la Serena Hospital.

The firefighters, after the certification of death by the toilets, have released the victim who had been trapped by the dashboard of the car.

The accident truck has suffered damage to the front and left side.

The accident truck has suffered damage to the front and the left side. / TODAY

second victim

On Saturday afternoon there was another death to mourn on the roads of Extremadura. A 29-year-old driver died while driving on the EX-A1, known as the North Extremadura highway that connects Navalmoral with Plasencia, after a car fell on him from the U-turn road. The man who was in that other vehicle, 24 years old, is in critical condition, according to data provided by the Extremadura 112 Emergency and Emergency Center. The wounded man suffered polytrauma and was transferred to the Campo Arañuelo hospital in Navalmoral to receive medical attention.

According to sources from the Traffic Civil Guard, the accident took place around 8:00 p.m. at kilometer 9 of said highway when a passenger car was traveling on the platform of the overpass that functions as a U-turn in the area, At the height of the town of Casatejada in Cáceres, he left the road rushing towards the EX-A1 ​​just as another vehicle traveling in the direction of Navalmoral was passing that point on the motorway. The car that was traveling on that overpass fell right on top of the other passenger car, whose driver died due to the impact.

After the impact, the car that fell from above ended up bouncing and falling onto the roadway of the motorway itself, remaining immobile in place and blocking the other lane.


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