Etihad Airways – Complaint against Mr. K. P Sumith

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Source: Etihad Airways – Complaint against Mr. K. P Sumith



P.O. BOX: 70120


DATE: 31/AUG/2020





Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above, kindly be informed that I am a frequent flyer, a loyal customer   of ETIHAD AIRWAYS Platinum Card # [protected]. I would like to get your attention as well as your immediate action on the incident happened to my daughter (Dr. Janaki Narikkot, Etihad Gold Card Member# [protected], traveler (ETIHAD AIRWAYS # EY-247) from COCHIN/ABU DHABI on 31/AUG/2021. 

Since my  daughter (Dr. Janaki Narikkot) is a Canadian Passport Holder and hence  the Visa on Arrival facility is available in Abu Dhabi.  I booked and got the confirmation of Ticket from ETIHAD after calling 2 to 3 times to confirm there is no issue to avail that facility, due to this pandemic situation & Etihad Agent’s confirmed that there won’t be any issue regarding that and Just make sure to follow all the mandatory UAE Travel formalities i. e; ICA approval/PCR Test and so on.. 

But unfortunately, even after complying all the requirements and despite of following  all the instructions, a dissatisfactory behavior of Cochin Airport Duty  Supervisor – Mr. K. P Sumith towards my daughter as well as to me (thru telephone) really insulted us!… Mr. Sumith was hesitant to let my daughter to travel (even after her completion of on entry passport checking, PCR negative, RAPID TEST etc), insisted that the U.A. E has stopped (Since Aug 20, 2021) VISA ON ARRIVAL facility and therefore she can’t travel!.. My daughter was really upset about the final verdict /behavior of Mr. Sumith.. My daughter called me (Abu Dhabi)  to inform  his decision and I spoke to him & tried to convince him that we got her ticket after (ETIHAD) confirmation only,   and they have already e-mailed this to Cochin Airport!.. but Mr. Sumith was reluctant to  hear  it and without checking anything from the reliable source, he talked to me in a harsh way  and insisted that anyone could get ICA approval and boarding pass and it does not count as valid proof for the Travel!. Since he was in an argumentative state of mind, I tried to get it solved thru the reliable source and called ETIHAD Abu Dhabi office and informed about it and they confirmed not to worry and they will sort it out by giving intimation to Cochin Airport and as they promised, even though after a big hassle & exhaustion, we   got the justice!  My daughter got boarded in the flight!.

After all of this  drama by Mr. Sumith, and his realization of the matter, he apologized to my daughter and that act is not at all acceptable and forgivable for US! He is not competent and inconsiderate towards an Etihad Gold member.

In view of the above, kindly warn him & take up a sincere action about this matter. We want to make sure/confirm that this type of misbehavior should not be entertained further by the responsible task assigned Airport Authority to any single passenger!..  Your earliest positive reply/action for the above request would be highly appreciated.  

Thanks & regards,

Chinnan Narikkot

[protected] / [protected]

Found At: Etihad Airways – Complaint against Mr. K. P Sumith

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