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►Drama Name:Love Is The Accident
Chu Xiuming – Caesar Wu
Shen Jin – Tang Min
►Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Historical, Friendship, Chinese Drama
Shen Jin grew up in luxury as a member of the royal family. After the emperor decrees an arranged marriage, she is married off to a general who defends the borders. Although she falls in love with her husband, general Chu Xiu Ming, at first sight, she finds it difficult to blend in.
Shen Jin gradually sheds her spoiled and entitled attitude and becomes a force to be reckoned with. With her unconventional methods, she solves many of the army’s problems and comes to earn their trust and respect. However, there has been a shakeup in the imperial courts and the Chu army becomes a target. Shen Jin’s parents are held hostage against their will while Shen Jin receives orders to act as a spy for the emperor. Can the married couple weather the storms to find happiness and peace?
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