Elk Grove police officer Tyler Lenehan killed by suspected drunk driver

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The Elk Grove Police Department suffered its first officer death on the line of duty on Friday and Lenehan’s community mourned his killing on the Sacramento highway.

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13 thoughts on “Elk Grove police officer Tyler Lenehan killed by suspected drunk driver”

  1. POLICE are hiring: (Be the big man with a small gun today!)
    Must be willing to Sh*#* on tax payers, violate the constitution, remove food from tables and have the uncanny ability to live without conscience!
    All positions available… Apply today! (No life skills required!)

    CAVIAT: (Police usually don't make heaven!)

    Qualified Immunity MUST be abrogated for police accountability!
    – (Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022)

  2. Just in his photo, one can see he served his mighty God. He died a hero. God needed him here to save others from this dangerous driver.

  3. RIP to the Officer, that's crazy how he couldn't avoid the collision, maybe they swerved into each other trying to avoid.Glad I stopped drinking

  4. Could it be possible that the accused was fleeing from other officers? Reason? The immediate response of officers after the crash raises the legitimate question? Motorcycle Traffic Officers risk their lives to keep our roads safe. Unsafe driving, speeding, intoxicated, they protect us all without favor toward anyone.


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