DWI Meth Arrest Traffic Stop Arkansas State Police Troop H Fort Smith, Traffic…

Uploaded By: Natural State Transparency

Calls are received at Troop H Communications concerning a driver who can’t maintain their lane. Tpr. J. Bass (H-25) catches up with the vehicle, and stops it. The driver is charged with DWI-Drugs after it’s discovered he’s intoxicated on meth.

Musical credit

Arkansas Native Jasper Williams β€œJust a Bad Dream”.

Watch more at: DWI Meth Arrest Traffic Stop Arkansas State Police Troop H Fort Smith, Traffic Series Ep. 60

25 thoughts on “DWI Meth Arrest Traffic Stop Arkansas State Police Troop H Fort Smith, Traffic…”

  1. People will do anything and everything to screw up their lives. It's easier doing the right thing every time than paying fines sitting in jail or prison because of self-inflicted stupidity.

  2. Lately I’ve noticed lots of 2008-2012 Chevy Malibu(s) in police pursuits on these ASP videos. At first, it only used to be Dodge Chargers/Challengers, Chrysler 300 & 200, Nissan Altima and the occasional Jeep Cherokee. I’m curious as to the method used to get these videos by the channel owners since we’re mostly seeing the exact same vehicles regardless of the driver’s race as if ALL suspects drive the similar cars. Ha!

  3. When they put the cuffs on while standing beside the car and door open, why not stand on the other side of the door and put the cuffs on through the open window. That way if the guy takes a swing or comes at the officer the door will be in the way giving more time for the officer to draw a weapon.

  4. I have seen two black males begging the police not to hurt them while they were being arrested after a high speed chase in Arkansas I am a 63 year old white female from TN. I gotta say it makes me suspicious that they both seem so so scared of being beaten. Is there something going on there? I just saw them both today.

  5. I really wanted to see a PIT with the car torn in half and billowing smoke, but arresting a meth head is just about as good.

  6. Really?? Sunglasses while driving at night? It is a wonder he could see the highway in front of his car. What lease the officer's vehicle behind him.

  7. Meth has helped make me stay clean-shaven. After setting my hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrows on fire several times! My lips still flare up occasionally, but they are mostly gone now.


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