Drunk driver who caused accident, “it's obvious, I've been drunk-driving…

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Drunk driver who caused an accident, “it’s obvious, I’ve been drunk-driving for 14 years”.

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44 thoughts on “Drunk driver who caused accident, “it's obvious, I've been drunk-driving…”

  1. After the 2008 Nairobi bomb blast, it took investigators too long to establish the model of the vehicle that was used by the attackers…
    Everyone told the investigators that it was a Canter instead of a Toyota Dyna..
    You also told us that our guy here was driving a Canter instead of an Isuzu Nkr😉

  2. Huyu anafaa awe amepelekwa polisi akazugumzie hiyo ujinga ndani! Some people doesn't care about others Gari si mtress na machine

  3. Anybody here watching this guy n seeing Moses Kuria n even his accent is typical Kuria…..wacha niende hivi c normal

  4. Surely…….and u costing people's lives….this is something serious…guys subscriiiiiiiiibe to my health vlog channel for health vlogs..

  5. Law enforcement is the one failed department of government. If he has been drunk driving for 14years,I can bet top dollar he has been caught before and am sure more than once. I can also bet he was let go na kitu kidogo. This country….

  6. Drunk driving is only funny in Kenya. Endangering peoples lives is only funny in Kenya. Such is the sorry state of our motherland.

  7. Such ppl should be thrown to jail coz taking there driving license is useless coz thy will still drive and kill innocent ppl.lock him in.

  8. I would like to know where he ends though am sureee hundred percent this is Kenya the guy will be back on the road.


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