Drunk Driver Slams Into Cop Car During Traffic Stop

Uploaded By: Cleveland Area Body Camera

Brook Park, Ohio — An officer pulled over a vehicle for speeding, while issuing the ticket, a driver rammed into the back of the cop car and then backed up. Officers determined that the woman was probably impaired and had her perform SFSTs.

They determined that she was impaired.

The woman, later identified as Tracy Cucuzza, was charged with the following
– BAC more than .17
– Assured clear distance ahead

She has plead not guilty.

I know the audio Is out of sync, Its a problem with the body camera, not me.

⚠️ Footage from this video was obtained via the Ohio Public Records Act (R.C. 149.43) All suspects featured on the channel are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law ⚠️t

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49 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Slams Into Cop Car During Traffic Stop”

  1. Why does it take so many cops to assist one person…I see this ALOT on the highways in Georgia.Do they not have anything to do so they all come to one traffic stop?

  2. Cop: "We're just gonna do a few tests to see if you're ok to drive"

    Drunk driver who just smashed into a parked cop car with it's lights on: "Umm……hold my beer?????"

  3. It's the first lady's lucky day too. A speeding ticket all of a sudden is a non-issues that hour. She now has a funny story about getting pulled over that half her friends probably won't believe.

    Also shows the first lady has a a good character. In a stressful situation like that the first thing she does is makes sure everyone is OK.

    How wasted do you have to be to not see a cop car with all it's lights on? Stone cold sober those lights blind you enough close up so that you have to slow down to 10mph just to be able to see the lines on the road (having your night vision killed).

  4. Definitely the type of officer you'd want to interact with. He's even keeled and the same with each citizen. Kudos to him and thankfully he made it home safely

  5. i will never be able to take any girl serious (or anyone for that matter) when she says "i take xanax for anxiety"

  6. Most cops would have drawn their gun and/or ripped her out of the car. Just proves that good policing can be done, but the scum who become cops to kill people need to be exilrd

  7. You have to be the dumb af to hit a parked police car there's not that much alcohol in the world I'm glad everyone is ok

  8. The officer is very polite and thorough – but don’t call me “dear”. That’s personal and intimate and completely inappropriate for a cop to say to anyone who isn’t their “dear”.

  9. dude you can spot modern police lights from friggin orbit theyre so bright, how could you possibly miss one??? (well, technically she didnt miss it I guess :P)

  10. There’s no excuse to drive drunk. What if the officer’s car had been someone crossing the street??? She never would have stopped

  11. I've rarely seen a subject THIS Drunk!
    Oh, and those "Problems" you were having with your boyfriend? Don't worry! You won't have anymore problems with HIM, bc he's had it with you! This was the final straw for him! 🤭😆😀😄🤣

  12. The officer was so chill and cool guaranteed he smoked his first doobie when he was 15 and never came down 😆 🤣 😂

  13. It’s so dangerous for police while doing traffic stops on the roads because of drivers not paying attention or are drunk!

  14. If you have serious issues and your drunk from the bar drinking with your boyfriend be sure to get in your car and drive drunk
    Then when you are stopped by the police you can hit and damage their car. Selfish behavior from a bitch.


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