Drunk Driver Hit And Run With His Mother | Officer I'm a Good Guy I Swear!

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September 1, 2021,

At approximately 1755 hours, I, Officer Smith was on duty in full
uniform displaying my badge of office, and in a marked NMSP patrol vehicle within the
City of Albuquerque, County of Bernalillo State of New Mexico. At this time, I heard
Officer Cordova call over the radio that he was flagged down by a male reference a hit
and run. The suspect vehicle was reportedly parked at the subway near Central and
Girard. The suspect vehicle was a white Ford with no license plate. The victim vehicle
was a white Toyota
I heard Officer Cordova see a male driving the Ford vehicle leaving the parking lot.
This was identified as the vehicle in the hit and run. There was no license plate on the
car. Officer Cordova initiated a traffic stop with his emergency equipment. The vehicle
pulled over on Silver and Girard and came to a stop.
At 1803 hours, Office Cordova asked for another unit to make contact with the victim
vehicle that flagged him down. He identified this as a white Toyota Sequoia. I began
traveling to his location to assist.
While enroute, I heard Officer Cordova ask for a DWI unit.
I arrived on scene and made contact with Officer Cordova. He stated he was flagged down
by the white Toyota. The male driver stated the male driving the Ford suspect vehicle
rear ended his car. They got out and looked at the damage. The Toyota was rear ended.
The Ford vehicle had damage to the front of the car. He told Officer Cordova that the
male driving the Ford, then stated he was going to get his insurance card, then got back
in the car and left.
Officer Cordova stated he observed the vehicle which was identified to him by the victim
with front end damage and traveling without a license plate. He initiated a traffic stop
on Girard and Silver.
This male driver was later identified by AZ drivers license. He
stated he observed this male driving. When he made contact, he smelled a strong odor of
an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. The driver admitted consuming alcohol
and admitted leaving the scene of the crash because there was no damage to the Toyota.
He placed the male in investigative detention in the rear of his unit.
I made contact. I read him his constitutional rights per Miranda. He
agreed to speak to me.
I removed him from the car, removed the handcuffs, and walked him to the front of my
I asked Defendant what happened, he stated he accidentally hit the back of another
vehicle. He stated it didn’t do damage to the vehicle. He stated this vehicle slammed on
its brakes.

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40 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Hit And Run With His Mother | Officer I'm a Good Guy I Swear!”

  1. Lol at 35:22 the other officer is on the sidewalk doing something I know very well. Trying to stay awake, keep his back and legs from hurting and being miserable and stiff and achy, meanwhile this dumbass doesn't know the alphabet. Lmpqrwrx uh yeah Carlos that's not correct. Meanwhile back on the sidewalk Officer #1 is doing the "damn why does this have to be when it's raining and cold and miserable. OK I got it, I can walk up and down the sidewalk. Humm dumm dee dee, oops he's hooking Carlos up! Let's go help my partner with this big ass baby."
    Did anyone see what he blew on the breathalyzer?
    Interesting he finds his wife dead on their bedroom floor….did they investigate Carlos?

  2. These assholes go into their 40s and act like idiots and break the law and tear up other people's property and yet somehow their fucking Mommies still manages to swear their precious baby boy is a victim of everyone especially the person who's car the little Mommies boy runs into an then they are auto body experts and know how much damage the other car doesn't have. Clearly Mommy never taking her 40 yr old pussy boy off their breast is a problem. I really can't stand these type of people. Mommy is a complete idiot and her son is a piece of crap. End of story.

  3. Mom's like don't mind that front end damage, that's just from another one of his accidents that he probably hit and ran from. He shouldn't have been driving while intoxicated no doubt, and seems like a cool dude. He definitely needs to pay for this accident though. Now as for the rest of you Democrat's talking crap about him, need I remind you how you love killing unborn baby's?🗡

  4. I love when ppl say he's lucky he didn't kill anyone… no, his potential victim(s) is/are lucky still to be alive. Lbs.

  5. "I'm still moving my head, sshhit"
    "One…goddamn it" 🤣🤣 the situation isn't funny but Carlos is hilarious to me

  6. Addiction begins with pain, and this guy has a lot. We addicts and alcoholics in recovery work tirelessly to stay help each other stay honest, authentic and clean. We’re saving a seat for you, Carlos – you deserve it, and you’re more than worth it.

  7. The more tests you do, the more you [email protected]#$ yourself. Just giving the police more evidence, against you. That's when you say, " I don't answer, questions." No, I'm not doing, any tests. Let, them investigate. Don't, help them. I don't have anything, against cops. BUT…They are NOT, your friend!!

  8. Yes, he won my heart with his humble apologies 🤗. Alcoholism is no joke ~ it is a symptom of a broken and contrite heart. Law Enforcement was shining 🌟😎🌟.

  9. This poor guy just wanted to know why he was placed in handcuffs. The officer should of just told him he wasn’t under arrest and that he’s just under investigative detention.

  10. "I'm sorry sir" ( Sorry I got caught) "I'm sorry sir" (Sorry I dented my car) "I'm sorry sir" ( Sorry I have to spend the night in jail) ME ME ME ME ME 😫😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😫😫😫 "I'm not stupid" ….aaaaaaguess what sir, the second you sat behind the wheel of whoever's car that is, after you drank makes you 101% stupid. 🙄

  11. The windshield wipers wouldn't turn off, so he ripped them off and threw them in the back seat.

    Everyone does that…

  12. Hope he straightened himself out. He made a big mistake and took cowards way out. At least he is not a mean drunk.

  13. Not gonna say he is not a good guy at heart, but he did what he did. Frankly, this is sad for everybody. So much sadder had someone been injured or killed. Possibly will lose his job, career, as for him. Gotta make a change, stop doing dumb things, pick up and move forward. All one can do if busted for DUI. Make amends by changing yourself, dude.

  14. That's definitely the worst walk and turn I've ever seen. And worst alphabet and number test too. Wowww

  15. How much did u have to drink right now?
    “Not enough…..I’m sorry”
    Then asked again
    “Too much brother”
    That was funny I couldn’t help but laugh at that one.
    Guy clearly is struggling and has issues but he don’t need to be out there on the roads and his mom shouldn’t be getting in the car with him!
    He is lucky he didn’t kill anyone tbh

  16. My son, the burro, is not in his right mind and is drinking, so I got into a car with him and let him drive. Great.


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