Drunk Driver Flipped His Car Over. Instant Karma for Drunk Drivers & Hit and…

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Wellissim – https://youtu.be/GoLFLbfdEt4

[00:00] – INTRO
[00:35] – nathanescoto
[01:22] – Just Another Guy
[05:11] – Jammin Jay Mix
[05:37] – Wellissim
[08:55] – Q&A


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Watch more at: Drunk Driver Flipped His Car Over. Instant Karma for Drunk Drivers & Hit and Run.

34 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Flipped His Car Over. Instant Karma for Drunk Drivers & Hit and…”

  1. Sad to say, but I have just unsubscribed as I get all I need to know from watching the clips and reading typed commentary. I don't need any voice over.

  2. God these videos have become painful to watch.

    I’m pretty sure every video doesn’t need this much commentary, or read by everyone’s least favorite ultra-religious uncle who spends every holiday saying, “I told you so.”

  3. How much pay for a video?… are you receiving money from youtube, ok… so… how much you get to the authors of the videos???…. your suppliers

  4. Love your work but this new commentary gotta go. Do a cool intro or watever and let the video speak for itself. If its not clear wat happened then commentary.

  5. I freaking hate people who drive while intoxicated and I have a serious reason why. 20 years ago a drunk driver killed a good friend of mine. The driver was only sentenced to 25 years behind bars. He's already old and will hopefully die soon. I truly hope it's the most painful death possible.

  6. 🇫🇷 Je n' aime pas cette vidéo, alors je dislike. Pour la raison suivante: Just another guy n'a aucune raison d'être aussi longue, si ce n'est pour bénéficier du watchtime youtube-4 minutes trop longue. bravo pour le montage. +1👎

  7. Even though the cammer in the third clip (starting at 1:23 in the video) did a few things that I'm sure are not advisable (filming, speeding and running stop signs and such), I'm so fucking glad he did.

    Hit and run pieces of shit makes my blood boil, and all too often they get away with it, leaving the victims to pay for the damages. Or at the very least the victim will have to pay out of pocket for the deductible for insurance to fix the damages. Not rarely will it also lead to increased insurance rates next renewal. At least that's how it tends to work here in the US, the land of getting screwed over at every turn.

  8. Look, I get the fact that people are angry. Accidents suck. But, unless you are the police, don't chase after someone! Especially if you have a dashcam! You can end up putting yourself or others in danger! Someone fleeing the scene of an accident can get very desperate to get away, and that can quickly turn into a horrible situation! Call the police, show them the footage, and let THEM chase them down! Fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime, and they will be punished!

  9. Awesome footage Sergey. Can you please speak louder during your question and answer time, as it's very hard to hear you. Have a great day my friend ❤😊and please stay safe and well 🙏.

  10. Still waiting for a response an will continue to do this ….. (Why is there 2 completely different men speaking on this channel???)

  11. Happy to see another video my friend, now the question today is whats your history with this topic such as policemen and why does it interest you specifically?!

  12. Sergey232 please stop with the cop narration videos, cops try to force "morality lessons" on everyone at all times in an attempt to curb "unwanted behavour" yet they do not realize all this does is generate animosity between themselves and the general public and you showing these videos on your channel is doing yourself no favours.

  13. Get a dash camera so you aren't breaking the law by driving while holding your phone and recording someone else that is breaking the law.
    1:22 Baby is getting second hand alcohol from breast milk.


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