Drunk Driver Crashes & Gets Arrested For DUI | San Diego

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06.10.2022 | 11:11 PM | CHULA VISTA – The girlfriend of the male driver told the Police that they were westbound on Telegraph Canyon Rd when another car cut them off.

The driver slammed on the brakes, lost control, and left the roadway.

The car hit the concrete wall with metal fencing. this saved the two from going down into the storm channel below.

Neither person was injured.

The male was belligerent and gave the officers a hard time.

While doing the Field Sobriety Test, he wouldn’t put down his cell phone and kept calling people.

He failed the test and refused to do the breathalyzer test, and was arrested for the DUI.

For licensing, contact [email protected]

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34 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Crashes & Gets Arrested For DUI | San Diego”

  1. This guy can't let go of his phone. Perhaps not drunk but using phone while driving?
    And he must be a lawyer too as he shouts at them to read him his rights.

  2. Loser… driving drunk… good thing he didn't kill anyone… he'll be out drinking and driving soon enough… be careful out there… lotta stupid people behind the wheels of cars.

  3. Stupid cocky drunk ass clown! It's apparent he doesn't care what he did and shows he did nothing wrong! Shut up idiot! Wasn't cocky anymore after he was handcuffed.

  4. 2 different instructions from different instructors. This is why many dui lawyers when cases and cops lose

  5. Wall was built wrong…no support on the inside of the blocks. The column he struck has no rebar or cement to support it. In a earthquake the whole wall comes down

  6. Every video same pattern. I wonder what the car insurance rate is with …………………………………………………………………………

  7. Always refused a sobriety test, you're only incriminating yourself. Agreed to a blood test and don't answer questions without a lawyer.

  8. Being that the car had mismatched fenders, this is definitely no the first time. What's another day in the forced Mexicanization of California? If you listen closely, you can hear the president of the Latino Association. "They may be here against the law, but I wouldn’t call it criminal behavior,” she said. "These people are already here." "They just want a way to legally drive and contribute taxes."

    After entering the country illegally?

    This is the mindset pouring into the country. Destruction of property all day, every day on our roads and highways from Pima County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County to Yuba County, the sickening avoidable carnage in our doormat state of deluge and declination. Thanks to La Raza Latino Assemblymen Gil "One Bill" Cedillo and his AB60, which hands driver's licenses with automatic voter registration to illegal aliens, this has become contagious.

    When a demographic can't seem to grasp the concept of the "jurisdiction of the United States," navigating a motor vehicle without crashing into other vehicles; driving impaired; destroying storefronts, mail boxes, fire hydrants; losing control; hit-and-runs; using elementary evasive maneuvers, or just plain common sense, we've got an extreme malady that this nation has to find a cure to stop. Alarms should be ringing for what they've turned California into, yet finger pointers who don't belong here and their countrymen who have turned our state senate into the Mexican government will label dissenters as racists or anti-immigrant (as if they really are). This is the enormous price we are paying for not forcing political feet to the fire to enforce our immigration laws, stopping the ridiculous birth rort, and allowing Southern California to become the world's largest reckless sanctuary, staycation destination, and gargantuan amusement park for millions upon millions of illegals. A retrogressive culture with a giant middle finger to our laws, language, culture, flag, citizenship and sovereignty. Each day we ignore this historic deluge, the price increases tremendously. San Diego could even now be mistaken for a Mexican city. And just like every county up for grabs, they purposely seek ambiguities or inadequacies in our laws to beat the the system as if playing the slots in Vegas. That law enforcement, fire, and all emergency services are becoming majority Latino doesn't take a genius to realize the overwhelming numbers of illegals that are pouring into the state ("they need to have people to speak their language"). Latino political infiltrators born to illegal alien parents are constantly pushing to force Mexico, it's culture, language, irredentism and endless stream of kinsmen down our throats with the risible parroting that they are hard workers, want a better life, come here to feed their families, are essential, which to them usurps the safety of all of us and our families…

  9. Glad to see people getting pulled of the road drunk to bad it was not before he smashed his car or better yet before he started his car.

  10. “They gotta say they right’s… they gotta say they right’s…“ someone’s gotta shown this video to this dude when he sobers up


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