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Deputy Aaron Williamson of the NYE County Sheriff’s Office stops a vehicle after receiving a call of a DUI. He asks the driver to carry out a set of field sobriety tests.

COPS has been documenting police work for over three decades. This episode was filmed in 2019.

▪️ COPS Season 32 – Episode 24

Featuring the NYE County Sheriff’s Office: https://www.nyecountysheriffsoffice.com/

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49 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Can't Believe She's In Trouble – Traffic Stop | Cops TV…”

  1. Why is it OK to the police officer to lie but not for the other person the officer Should be a should be a shame For lying

  2. Cant say I was surprised that she thinks her parents will help. This type always fails to fly far from the nest.


  4. Four bottles of whiskey and you told the officer you haven't been drinking you are totally drinking and you almost and you lied to an officer

  5. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. But I would probably be wobbly standing on one foot like that, given my clumsiness!

  6. She is more concerned the ex may have called her in, than she is about the fact she is impaired, and just let her daughter from the vehicle.
    Then she wants to phone her mom & dad.
    I hope she grew up, and sobered up, for her daughters sake.

  7. LOL the best part in my opinion is when she tried to throw the officers name around like they were friends but she couldn't even say his name without slurring her words or she really didn't know his name was trying to read his badge LOL either way that was epic the best part in this entire video.
    she wa a train wreck waiting to happen

  8. Officer I haven't had anything to drink today. All I've had is some heroin and then some crack but nothing to drink!

  9. That's the most fireball I've seen in a long time dam if you're going to drink at least drink the good shit not the shit teenager's drink.
    Edit: FYI no I'm not condoning drinking and driving I despise drunk drivers as I have lost very close family to drunk drivers and maybe if they got more than a slap on the wrist and were charged with felonies maybe they would learn before they kill someone

  10. ວິທີ ຕຳລວດກວ້ດເບິງວ່າ ເຈ້າຂັບລົດເມ້າເລ້າບໍ?

  11. Why does the US police till rely on some ridiculous roadside exercises when they could use a breathalyser and get solid proof if someone is over the limit within 2 minutes?

  12. If people would just shut up and refuse requests, they'd do a whole lot better. But this one needs to off the road.

  13. Wonder if this if this isn’t her first rodeo, sure sounds like it, she was probably told by the judge, “next time your caught driving drunk, I will throw the book at you” ~ No more seconds chances!!! Glad she didn’t hurt anyone or herself!

  14. Damn ex husband called in on her. She didn't look that fucked up. But driving and drinking more than 2 is a bad idea but she couldn't even follow instructions.


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