Drunk Driver Arrested After Driving Wrong Way Down One Way Street

Uploaded By: Cleveland Area Body Camera

Pepper Pike, Ohio — PPPD officers were patrolling when they noticed a vehicle traveling the wrong way on Brainard Circle. A traffic stop was initiated and officers observed signs that correlate to intoxication.

The man was given a few SFSTs and was determined to be driving under the influence.

The man, later identified as Artara Ferrell, was charged with the following:
– OVI Refusal
– Driving under suspension
– Wrong way
– Safety equipment (seat belt)

He has plead not guilty.

⚠️ Footage from this video was obtained via the Ohio Public Records Act (R.C. 149.43) All suspects featured on the channel are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law ⚠️

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24 thoughts on “Drunk Driver Arrested After Driving Wrong Way Down One Way Street”

  1. Guy was drunk and asking if they would just arrest him and let him make a call for someone to get the car…. Still decent of the cops to give him the sobriety tests any way. Never know when someone's had a carp day, has undiagnosed depression, and figures sitting in jail for a DUI is better than facing what they have to deal with in day to day life.

    The cops could have just pounced on the guy for having an active warrant but were trying to give him a chance.

  2. This guy has no license, driving the wrong way, slurring his words, can't keep his eyes open, can't walk, acting faded, etc….so glad he was taken off the road

  3. not trying to act like a law expert or anything but the officer never asked the driver if hes willing to do the tests, he just starts telling him what to do. I would think a decent lawyer could get that part thrown out. Cops were professional though.

  4. 私の人々は狂っていますか? アメリカでは本当に不利な立場にあるので、彼らはすべての規則に従わなければなりません

  5. I have had ms for a lot of years with 26+ lesions on my brain 🧠and I could do all that stuff, and I never used it as an excuse to get out of trouble. It really pissed me off when folks do this and give everyone with ms a bad name, if your drunk your drunk and ms has nothing to do with it.

  6. How come all the Arts think they can do what they want while being told to do the opposite and never listen to commands/authority, like never. Oh and turn simple misdemeanors into felonies…yea that too

  7. Nowadays the Queen of England would not be treated better-you guys have a tough job these days! The good old days are gone but will come back!

  8. It's a shame that every sane person on this planet knows this guy is trashed to the point that he is going to jail, but these officers still gotta waste their time with all kinds of tests cause of the chance some lawyer might get him off on some loophole.

  9. The officers handled this situation professionally. I have zero sympathy for the guy driving drunk, suspended, with an active warrant. He can kill innocent people who trying to get to work too.

  10. Why waste all the time on these juvenile tests?
    Take a breathalyser test, its 3 minutes, rather that this monumental waste of police time nationwide.

  11. That officer at 13:50 has really good verbal skills. He's able to deescalate and give clear respectful and simple commands.


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