Don’t trust this sloot named Brittney Oliveira –

Found on: 2022-07-13 06:43:17

Source: Don’t trust this sloot named Brittney Oliveira –

I’m writing to you The Dirty Army because I saw another post about her. She’s not only a cheater but a liar too. Brittney is an floozy around here. She’s been banged around by a lot of guys and mostly by black brothers. But this b1tch tryed to scam me and my homies. She agreed to have s3x for money with us three and that we would pay her after. But later she told us she wanted the money beforehand. In our luck a dude told us how she scammed two guys like that and they didn’t get her poossy. She kept insisting of getting the money first, not even half, all of it So we took precautions and sent her a video of 2.5k to her to see if she would come or the deal would be off the table. She straight up came to our place in a hour lol. We made sure to have good s3x with her. Then we just payed the sloot 1k and she got mad at us. Told her how she tried to scam us like she did with those other guys and she didn’t say anything at first but later admitted it. We threw a few more hundreds of dollars at her, she collected them and then left . We dodged a scam there but had good fun tho. My brothers be careful

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