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Source: Dominique Broadway Review – Business

Dominique Broadway, her company Finances Demystified, and her “The Wealth Transfer” courses are scams and have tricked many innocent people out of millions of dollars. Her trading seminars use misleading and untrue statements to lull investors into purchasing expensive products such as classes and trading software.

She host online investment seminars that claim to teach investors trading strategies that will allow them quickly and easily to make money trading stocks, options, futures and crypto. She sells a so called algorithm that has lost her students THOUSANDS of dollars.

Claims that trading strategies are “easy” or “simple” and spends a lot of time trying to convince investors that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can’t miss.”  Don’t believe it!

Dominique uses high-pressure sales tactics to get people to buy her trading products and classes without thinking it through. She will claim there are only a few spots left or that getting in immediately will allow people to see the greatest returns.  Any reputable promoter of trading products or classes will let investors take their time to do research and will not pressure for an immediate decision.

There is currently a Class Action Law Suit being built currently with all the people she has scammed.

Please stay far away from her, her classes, and anything she claims.

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