Dolores Montgomery Halbin — Pierce City, Missouri

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Source: Dolores Montgomery Halbin — Pierce City, Missouri

This very ugly fat aging old sea hag broke up my marriage then went on to my best friend and broke up his marriage. she moved to our city after being in prison. shes lived a very hard, weathered life (it shows; she looks very old for 90) with loads and loads of drugs and hard time in prison. The people here thought it was strange that she has absolutely NO family or friends. She has spread her legs to everything in town. nasty old ex con got the 109.10 & was an AG in the pen & out. shes very masculine and has loose skin flaps all over her. I regret getting drunk because when I woke up I was next to this leathery old yellow fungus flaky skin bag with smeared feces all over her from her not ever showering. To the touch she feels like ice, Shes a black widow that will take your date, lack of remorse I could hear as she slept hissing sounds like a lizard or snake, muttering under her gross sewage breathe.she smells like an old rotting fish A thin mustache & a history of long term syphilis, that she brag about when she was messed up on her amphetamines she is addicted to. She told me she came from a long blood line of severe & documented genetically inherited mental illness with a history of animal & people abuse. This is the closest ive ever been to the real devil in my entire lifetime! by her bed lies the purple whale her and her dykes use together.Shes gay for the stay. Run the other way!!!! when you see her forked tongue & horns!!!!. shes very unhygienic which you will soon learn & regret being lured into her trap.The snarly cold grin & red eyes as she eats you alive shes a meth whore.shes an aging old ex con. She gets you to engage in her immoral behavior on a regular basis The black widow took a whole lot of prey.and doesn’t plan on stopping as she has a keen lack of remorse. Only place she belongs is in a locked solitude room where she can’t go out destroying people and they’re lives.I don’t blame my wife for leaving me after seeing her. Biggest regret of my life!

Source: Dolores Montgomery Halbin — Pierce City, Missouri

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