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Here’s what Disney doesn’t want you to know. #DontSaveSplashMountain

“Don’t Save Splash Mountain”

“Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” by Allie Wrubel and Ray Gilbert, performed by James Baskett

“Venice Smooth” by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

“Verdi” by Vendla

“Silver Dollar” by Roy Edwin Williams

“Willy’s Waltz” by Roy Edwin Williams

“Full Moon Rag” by Roy Edwin Williams

“Tumbleweed Town” by River Run Dry

“Cracks in the Pavement” by River Run Dry

“Our Own Rhythm” by River Run Dry

“Yours” by Ennio Mano

“The House Where She Lives by Constellate

“Two Steppin” by Roy Edwin Williams

“At Dusk” by Hara Noda

“Where the Neon Stars Shine” by Bo the Drifter
00:00 Save Splash Mountain
01:08 First They Came for Splash
02:01 Back to the Beginning
06:18 What is Song of the South?
09:52 What Does It Mean?
13:18 Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah
15:51 Why It’s Not On Disney+
17:09 The Politics of Saving Splash Mountain
18:58 Dixie
22:16 Song of the South Fans
25:02 Black Lives Matter
26:37 Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

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46 thoughts on “Disney's Racist Ride | Dreamsounds”

  1. What's your favorite Disney ride?🏰🎢🎠

    Also, you can download "Don't Save Splash Mountain" here: https://dreamsoundsvideo.bandcamp.com/
    All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Black Visions Collective!

  2. 23:55 Literally the entire ride is made out of what you would consider to be racist stereotypes. Why only show native Americans and Africans?

  3. I have watched this video multiple times since it was uploaded. I have tried and tried and tried to get my head around these points and the more I try, the more vague, nonsensical, hypocritical and shamelessly biased they sound.

    After several viewings, this is my final comment and thoughts. By removing the Br'er characters, you are essentially removing the last remnants of these important cultural figures from the modern public consciousness. Br'er Rabbit, James Baskett, Hattie McDaniel, Nick Stewart… All gone. Because it hurt your wittle white feewings.

    So in conclusion, Great job, idiot. I hope it was worth it for your 30 minutes of fart huffing, pretentious, white guilt fueled ramblings. Enjoy your bastardized European fairytales, corperate virtue signalling and blatant black tokenism in Tiana's Bayou Adventure. Such progressive ideologies. I hope it's everything you wished for. Prick. ❤️

  4. in your words you incite hatred on fans who like attention it's not very inclusion I will show you what is this inclusion. (Inclusion refers to all the actions carried out by a company aimed at preventing situations of discrimination linked in particular to disability, age, social origin or culture, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance or social status.) Thank you

  5. Leave the ride alone. If you must, place a plaque at the entrance so that people can read the history. As is, it is the best ride at Disneyland.

  6. As someone who grew up in the Disney Theme parks, I get why people can be sad when a ride is going to be rethemed, but it really gets sus when those fans of those rides don't say they understand why or admit about the racist origins about it. Even if they don't mean to intentionally be bigoted or racist, they still are. Makes sense the Disney fandom is mainly made up of conservative people, the theme parks are more geared towards them to bring them back to a nostalgia where you didn't acknowledge your bigotry and be in pure bliss of ignorance at the expense at others (mainly marginalized minorities). It infuriates me to see adult Disney fans to be ridiculously resistant to change because they react like children who have to deal with change, but much worse.

    This reminds me of the PoC ride reactionary debacle where people were mad that Disney got rid of the women auctioning and turned the ladies into pirates. Yet never heard that same amount of outcry when they put in and still kept the Johnny Depp animatronics.

    I really wish to see more in-depth video essays on the complicated and yes, bigoted history of Disney. And to see more adult Disney fans embrace or understand the change of it. If anything, it's people like you and others that are getting me back into Disney Theme parks again. I'm looking forward to the retheming and glad to never hear the laughing place song again (that song freaked me out as a kid)

  7. 14:10 to 15:44 are you serious?Zio a Dee doo dah is just a satire version of whatever song you were talking about and the song Disney wrote has nothing to do with degrading with black people, if you had any common sense you would know this song has been sung by people of all background including Ray Charles, Angela Lansbury, and Julie Andrews, and so many people I could write a list of, America is what it is today despite the music being questionable and offensive you can’t just erase history because it doesn’t meet up to your standards and that your completely taken back by it, history is history and you can’t do anything to change that.

    you are woke as hell…really you went as far as to censoring it? Dream sounds, you’re doing the most. 🙄🖐🏾

  8. Thank you for all these points! I feel so relieved hearing all of it. (I'm black haha)
    I feel like for me personally it's really hard to explain WHY changing splash mountain is so exciting to me, so to have someone put it into words makes me feel less crazy

  9. I disagree with the premise of the video that the ride is racist. You can make a lot of very valid points that the source material for the ride is racist. I'll agree with a lot of it, but the video did a poor job explaining why the ride is racist.

    If we are going to point out problems with the source material for Disney rides and films, we're going to be here for a while.

    As someone in the pro Splash Mountain camp, I feel like the video takes a disingenuous and dismissive look at the arguments for keeping SP. As hand wavey as a portion of the pro crowd can be about writing this off as wokeism, I feel like the video was equally as hand wavey, writing those who want to keep the ride as regressive racists, evidenced by referencing a twitter account with little more than a dozen followers and run by someone clearly unwell.

    I think the best argument in favor of SM is the material in the ride is sufficiently divorced from the source material. The video even says the theme of the ride is an interpolation of a song, and I'd have to ask how many people getting off the ride know this? If it was a direct rip of a minstrel song that would be one thing, but I'd wager a lot of money nearly everyone getting of that ride don't make the connection. In that way I'd argue the original song has successfully been subverted from this work born from ugliness into something that brings a lot of joy and happiness to people like me who have fond memories of riding that with their families.

    Even though I disagree with the premise of the video, I do like it. I think it's a good thing that people are thinking more about the media they consume. I'm also looking forward to the retheme, even though I will miss the original ride. I think The Princess and the Frog will keep the same spirit of the ride, especially the MK version.

  10. It's a "racist ride" only to the Gay Marxists who call themselves "liberals".

    "Problematic" = anything that offends un-American unpatriotic liberals.

  11. A good way to clean up the Country Bears is to have them sing parodies of modern country songs, like “American Ride” and “Mr. Mom”.

  12. Your voice is so soothing to listen to. As someone who struggles to focus, I could find myself super invested in this video just because of your tone alone. This was super informative! I've never been on Splash Mountain, even though Dark Rides are my absolute favorite. I'm super excited for the rebrand, however. It's been a long time without anything Tiana themed. I still believe that they NEED to open a restaurant in there that's a replica of Tiana's Palace. The daydream version of it was my favorite visual out of everything Disney has ever made.

    I hope that Princess and the Frog gets a reboot soon-ish, because it has the same messy history. Even though Tiana is my absolute favorite princess. It'd be difficult for sure but there'd probably be a way to keep the storyline while removing the whole… everyone being an animal for most of the runtime issue.

  13. I love the animals in the Splash Mountain ride. I’m gonna miss them, especially Br’er Fox 😭😭😭

  14. Went on it again and the ride has broken down, boats constantly bumping into each other, broken lights, peeling paint… it’s that SpongeBob episode in real life.

  15. You know, originally I was against the retheming of Splash Mountain because of nostalgia for the ride. It was probably helped by the fact that I’ve never actually seen the movie before. Often when I tried asking why the ride was racist it was all “well the movie is just racist, what’s wrong with you?” Maybe I was just at the wrong part of the Internet when I was a bit younger but after that I was a bit nervous to ask anyone or figure it out so I just kept my opinion to myself. After seeing this video my opinion has completely changed. You explained the movie part by part and so calmly too, it really helped me understand why the ride would need a retheme. So thank you 🥰

    And tbh a Princess and the Frog ride was long overdue 🗿

  16. It’s weird to me that splash mountain was created in the first place. In 1989, when the ride was created, Song of the South hadn’t been rereleased in 40 years, because EVEN AT THE TIME it was considered unbelievably racist. And that isn’t even going into how poorly it aged by the time 1989 rolled around.

  17. It’s a shame they are closing this at all. There is nothing wrong with this ride, they are replacing traditional folk lore from African American history of this country which people (seems to be mainly white people) are calling offensive and racist – and replacing it with a story by an older European white woman who Disney just out black characters in. It’s laughable and sad to see history destroyed and a great ride destroyed because people are too uneducated on the subject.

  18. Whenever talking about racism, it's always crucial intent is taken into consideration. It's one thing to be unintentionally racist over ignorance & then there's racism over fear & mockery.
    'Song of the South' does not hate the black man, nor does it celebrate slavery. It does not mock or dehumanize blackness. And neither does the ride.

    Of course, the Disney company can do whatever they want w/the ride. Walt Disney himself said his park would never be finished, b/c it'll always be changing.

    However, entertainment doesn't live inside a timeless vaccuum either. Society changes & often progresses. Therefore, most art cannot be judged fairly under a modern lense.
    Not everything that's modernly problematic was intended to be racist. We must take intent into consideration before automatically & honestly labeling something old "racist".

  19. You keep saying 'to no avail' and 'it didn't work. Sorry to say but if 95+% of the people queuing for the right have no idea that some people interpret it as raciest then they didn't fail. I'd say they were pretty successful in filtering out the problematic parts of the source material.

    I'd wager way way WAY more people know what 'Splash Mountain' is than who know what Song of the south is. I'm super hyped to see Princess and the Frog immortalized by taking up the mantle of Splash Mountain but I dare say up to this point Splash Mountain HAS separated from and surpassed its source material 100 times over. It represents the magic of Disney World. This is not Tiana taking over the ride… This is Br'er Rabbit shaking her had and congratulating her on a well deserved succession.

  20. Listen, if they don't play "Friends on the Other Side" before the big drop, I ain't riding it. It would be an absolute crime to not have that banger in a Princess And The Frog ride.

  21. I think ya'll are just too sensitive. There were no negative depictions or violence. If you choose to see it that way, it's your problem. I'll always love song of the south and Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah <3

  22. I have mixed feelings about the retheme

    I actually have the DVD and have seen it so I know how racist it is…but unless you are aware of the backstory or can recognize the songs in the queue it is mostly a ride about a rabbit who runs away from home gets tangled up with a fox and bear and escapes in a briar patch

    There is actually another movie…The Adventures of Brer Rabbit…that was made by another company that is just the animals and silliness the adventures bring…clearly it came out long after but it was so much better and has no connections at all

    I like the ride and still hum zipadeedooda but the retheme if done well could also work

    I am anxious because of recent rides and cheap retheme…also Tiana might be the first black princess but you only see that for 20% of the movie…and Nadine represents no known nationality and comes from a made up place

    I can also see this theme clashing with WDW since it is right next to Big Thunder not in New Orleans like in DL but time will tell

    Whatever the outcome I hope they reuse the animatronics and not just using projections to save time and money

    As for the movie pretending it never happened doesn’t change anything and future generations learn nothing from it if they can’t see it

  23. I think the movie is fine to be canceled, but uncle remus dosnt appear in one scene in splash mountain, they should keep splash, Whos with me? #savesplashmountain

  24. 🙄 blah blah everything is racist blah blah everything problematic blah blah blah blah. Also your ass really blurred THE FUCKING BLACK FACE? That offends me more then anything. We’re not that fucking sensitive. I mean you really went and blurred it 😂 I can’t I’m done. Y’all need to chill. Especially white folks yall seem more offended and it ain’t even about y’all. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. Honestly I think this ride is gonna end up like stitch’s great escape

    Remember it replaced alien encounter to adhere to a sensitive group but many found the ride to be inferior to the original which resulted in the ride getting shut down.

    Given the fact that splash mountain is regarded as a classic at the Disney parks I imagine changing it is gonna upset more people than the original ride does

    If they change the name it’s gonna have to rebuild notoriety from the ground up

    if they get rid of Zip A Dee Do Da I imagine that will upset a large population of park goers as that song is still well regarded despite the film’s reception, especially when compared to Princess and the Frog’s songs where friends on the other side is like the one song that gained notoriety and that’s obviously not gonna work in the ride

    And there’s also the fact that the film came out 13 years ago so the change is just gonna feel that it came out of nowhere, if they did this when the film came out then the change could’ve felt more subtle but they’d still have the other problems

    I think if they want to spare poor reception they should build the ride on its own see how it fares and if splash mountain is still raking people in well it’s probably better to keep it up but if the princess and the frog ride is gaining notoriety over splash mountain then they may be able to simply shut splash mountain down and figure out something else

  26. I agree it's important to not forget the dark parts of history, but it's also important to not focus so excessively on it either.
    Things change, traditions and concepts that used to be monstrous can become something positive with enough time.

    Christianity for example is the reason for many of the world's worst atrocities, yet even the most passionate of anti-religion atheists still celebrate Christmas, why is that? Because Christmas means something completely different to them.

    Splash Mountain is just a fun ride to anyone who isn't a history buff at this point, it's important to remember history, but what you're doing is more than that, it's ironically holding on to the past instead of moving forward.

    Removing a beloved ride like this isn't protecting anyone, the people who would be seriously emotionally affected by it are long dead at this point. So why does anyone care?
    I can understand the film being harmful, it is quite explicitly racist going by the character dynamics alone, but the ride being harmful is what I don't understand.

    I agree many people fighting to keep the ride the way it is aren't concerned with the ride itself so much as they are with going against the grain regarding anything remotely progressive.
    However there is also many people who simply see Splash Mountain as a symbol of childhood joy and innocence, and no matter how dark the history behind many of its aspects is, that's never going to change, much like people's fondness for Christmas will never go away no matter how much you point out the dark aspects of it's history, enough time has passed that these once negative and harmful things now do more good than bad.

    Christmas isn't about the birth of Christ to everyone, and it's not going away any time soon to accommodate the few who have a problem with its problematic history. Splash Mountain isn't about racism in America to everyone, yet that is going away to accommodate the few who have a problem with its history.

    It's not about preserving the status quo, it's about recontextualizing harmful traditions into something positive, something that defies their original meaning.
    I don't understand how this is acceptable for stuff like Christmas, Halloween and even something like H.P. Lovecraft stories but not this.

  27. Big picture: Yes! This is great! Song of the South is troubling and a re-theme is a really good idea, especially for PatF.
    Small (me sized) picture: I don't like heights. I don't like heights at all. Got up the courage to ride Splash Mountain once, thought I was going to die. People said, "now you can say you've ridden, you never have to again." But now the ride will be different…I wish there was a way to see the new ride without having to plummet 50 feet again.

  28. WELP, Turkey in a Straw and Camptown Races were songs in childrens songbooks even in my school, and I'm Swedish… this is one hell of a way to learn things about what I thought were innocuous songs.

  29. i am happy that they are removing the racist theming from their park, but the name definitely needs some work. I like a couple ideas ive seen in the comments so far, like keeping the name Splash Mountain (because we all know its just going to still be called by guests that anyways..), Bayou Boogie, or Mount Bayou (/Bayou mountain)

  30. I thinkk you're right, though it is complex. As a 7th Grade English teacher wanting to weave African myths into the stories told by the diaspora, I used to play Zippidee-Do-Dah when we read some of those source myths that later appeared in the Braer Rabbit stories, and some of my students of color would remark that their parents "told them the song was racist". I'd use that to launch into discussions that maybe they were right and about the history of Uncle Remus, the song, problems with the film and the tendency for an entire region of the U.S. to deny history. That song was known more, 20 years ago, and one of the main Disney themes my California kids knew. I never found anything ghastly in the song lyrics and the history provided a good entry to discussion, but maybe it wouldn't be known much now, like many of the other minstrel tunes… so, I'm glad the ride is going to be based on a terrific film and hope for more Disney stories with human, African heroes (lest kids think only animals dwell in Africa), but it's also useful to bring up our history, tragic and warped, though much of it may now be banished to narrow studies at universities. I can see why a theme park wants to keep it simple, though as a culture, we're better learning the hard truths, else a flat, suburban ignorance sets in. Your excellent video essay helps with that.

  31. It's just a movie based off a book.. Also Dixie just means "South"(In content) They can be referring to anything south related in the song lyrics.. it doesn't specifically means the confederate states or anything.. I had a few friends who name are Dixie.


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