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Found on: 2022-10-06 04:35:13

Source: Dex Hanne Review – Business

Dex Hanne, AKA Dex Bolt, Owner of, made several purchases on our website for digital audio services that we provide. After receiving the orders, Dex opened Credit Card/Unathorized Transaction claims on almost every order, totaling to almost $600USD.

We contacted Dex, who in response claimed it was misunderstanding and that the claims would be closed, and the issue corrected. However, one week after that resonse from Dex,we received 2 more claims opended against, and I can only expect more. If you sell digital products I would make sure to add this person to your blacklist, and I would not reccomend anyone do business with this certified scammer.

Unfortunately our products are digital and cannot be physically returned, we are sending a Cease and Desist to the customer in hopes they will not use the products they didnt pay for. We also may take other legal action if we find that Dex is continuing to use our products after scamming the money back. 

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