Deadly combination of drugs and speed

Source: Deadly combination of drugs and speed

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The combination of cocaine, cannabis and diazepam use (tranquillizing), with “high concentrations” of these drugs in the bloodand the speeding, 133.2 kilometers per hour, even though it was already “closed night and with reduced visibility”are behind the deaths of a 48-year-old truck driver, a 21-year-old and a 17-year-old minor caused by a Zamorano when he collided with his peugeot against a damaged semitraileron the A-66, at 10:30 p.m.

The parents of David Jodar before the Audiencia de Zamora. | Emile Friar

The heavy vehicle was signaled “with lights” of failure and with other elements to warn of your parking on the shoulder and occupying a small part of the double lane, one meter of one lane of the motorway, whose roadway width is 7.20 meters, and straight line in that section, specifies the sentence of the Court of Zamora that condemnto to young driver of 38 years of tourism a 5 years in prison and 7 and a half years of license withdrawal.

The victims of the Montamarta accident lived in Peque, Salamanca and Granada

The ruling can be appealed to the Court of Justice of Castilla y León and the Supremea possibility that, everything seems to indicate, that will be used to try an acquittal demanded by the accused already on the day of the trial.

The sentence punishes three homicides committed “due to gross negligence”, specifies; Y two offenses against the Road Safety Law: “driving under the influence of drugs” and “manifest reckless driving”, “with notorious and abnormal inattention” to traffic regulations; and “due to the concrete endangerment of the life or integrity of persons”, of the rest of the road users. The defendant’s conduct generated a “very high” entity risk for third parties.

Three dead in a brutal traffic accident between Montamarta and San Cebrián de Castro

Three dead in a brutal traffic accident between Montamarta and San Cebrián de Castro

The magistrates do not apply no mitigating circumstances for the crimes committednor compensation for the damage caused to the families of the deceased, as the insurance companies have paid the compensation and not the defendant, initials RSJ., nor regret.

They stop at blood test made to the driver of the Peugeot –discarded those of urine because the instructor of the case did not order them – to link the excessive consumption of drugs that “significantly diminished his physical faculties” to get behind the wheel and “illegal and excessive” speed with the absence of braking and evasive maneuvers to get around the truck.

The light signals

Even if there weren’t those fault light signalsthose of yellow color that rotate 360 ​​degrees; those of the trailer itself, which they projected reflections; and the rear emergency warningvisible “perfectly 950 meters away”clarifies the sentence, the accident it would have been inevitable by the state in which the convicted person was circulating and the circumstances indicated.

Family and friends of the 21-year-old who died in the Montamarta accident ask for justice: "We have not been asked for forgiveness"

Family and friends of the 21-year-old who died in the Montamarta accident ask for justice: “We have not been asked for forgiveness”

To get around the truck, would have neededeither more than a hundred meters to prevent the collisionno, add the president of the Court and rapporteur of the sentence, Pedro Garcia GarzonGiven the exceeded 120 kilometers per hour allowed on the highway on which it was circulating.

Tourism was fired to his leftcrossed the right lane, the left lane and part of the dirt road and was detained Y occupying obliquely part of the gutter, the flashing and part of the separation median.


Accident with three dead on the A-66 in Zamora – Opinion in Zamora

The driver hit the left rear of heavy vehiclerunning over the trucker, who died hours after the accident occurred on September 25, 2019. She had gone down to place the straps well so that the load does not fall and cause an accidentpick up the sentence.

The accused of three deaths in the Montamarta accident:

The accused of three deaths in the Montamarta accident: “I did not take drugs or see the truck”

The occupants of tourism, friends of the processed traveled with RSJ from Peque to Zamora to go partying, according to the defendant testified. The 21-year-old, David Jodar Lemos, and the 16-year-old, Mario, who were as co-pilot and occupant on the right side of the car, side that went against the trailer, and they died on the spot.

The family of the young man from Granada only asked for justice and empathy

The parents of the deceased young man from Granada in the accident, David Jodar Lemoswho were supported during the trial by relatives and friends displaced from the Andalusian province, only asked Justice to the Zamorano magistrates and empathy to the family of the now condemned.

Immensely hurt by the treatment they received from the defendant’s parents, RSL, David’s mother told this newspaper that if the attitude had been different, understanding with the pain that she, her husband and the whole family suffered from David’s death, with a spirit of dialogue, “we would have even agreed to an agreement without going to trial. As a mother, I can understand the mother” of the accused, “but when I called her to see what had happened, the same day of the accident, there was no gesture, she told me not to bother again”declared the Granada woman broken by the loss of her son.

The collection of David’s personal effects, who lived in the same house as the Zamorano driver, also did not have a cooperative attitude on the part of the defendant’s parents, “and we did not recover some objects, such as the computer”, who wonder about what hasn’t been delivered.

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