Deadly accident in Edinburg claims the lives of two people

Source: Deadly accident in Edinburg claims the lives of two people

Found on: 2022-08-22 15:02:53

Three vehicles were involved in the impact, two of which collided with a Chrysler Crossfire


The Edinburg Police Department reported a fatal accident, in the two people lost their lives, Three vehicles were involved in the impact.

The events occurred on Sunday August 21, 2022it was around 5:30 am, when police units were sent to the 4000 block of I-69C Southwhere the accident was reported.

Upon arrival at the scene, according to information from the officers, a Chrysler Crossfire, color grey, it had overturned in the northbound lanes, on the freeway a woman was lying next to the vehicle. There was also a van dodge ramwhite, with damage to the front of the driver’s side, and a peterbilt trailer with a car transport trailer along the highway.

According to the preliminary investigation, it is indicated that both the truck and the van apparently collided with the Chrysler Crossfire.

Two people were traveling in the Chrysler, a driver and a passenger, at the scene they were declared dead. Their identities have not been released at this time, pending notification of relatives.

Regarding the drivers of the car transport vehicle and the one in the truck, it was reported that they were not injured.

Toxicology tests were done and are still pending. This case is still under investigation.

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