Dashcam video shows another DWI arrest for accused repeat drunk driver I KMSP…

Uploaded By: FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

A convicted drunk driver charged in a crash that injured two people earlier this month was arrested just days earlier in another drunk driving incident, FOX 9 has learned.

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Watch more at: Dashcam video shows another DWI arrest for accused repeat drunk driver I KMSP FOX 9

15 thoughts on “Dashcam video shows another DWI arrest for accused repeat drunk driver I KMSP…”

  1. Just because they gets/if they get their licenses taken away doesn’t mean it won’t stop them from getting behind the wheel again.

  2. Every time it's a clear person involed in something horrible no comments. But if a black person do the same thing every clear person in AmeriKKKa got a damn conment interesting.

  3. You can't just blame the people who got drunk but the alcohol (drug) distributors and law makers who allow these drug to be sold legally too. People should be allowed to suit these drug (beer, liqour)makers and distributors too. If you can suit roundup and other drug manufacturers, why can't you suit all alcohol makers. Alcohol probably kill more people than round ups, i would think.

  4. So, how many people she get to hurt before going to jail? If you shoot someone you are in jail automatically. But, she can be drunk and kill people to still be free in the streets to hurt more people. This just makes no sense to me.

  5. What a joke.
    These incompetent idiots running the legal system will wait until these criminals murder somebody before doing anything. And even then, they'll still get a slap on the wrist.
    Thanks, politicians

  6. If you KILL someone while driving drunk. Your license should be permanently revoked if you’re caught drunk driving twice again and one of those times you cause an accident and attempt to flee. You should be locked up indefinitely. No more drunk or driving!


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