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Craig Paske Omni Incompetent installation case#200SC002063  Omni Window & Door
5715 Green Valley Rd
Oshkosh, Wi 54904

It has recently come to my attention

Craig Paske of Omni window & door allegedly made false acusations about my business & my character. The following is the truth & in the court record. As a contractor in business for almost 30 years, I subcontracted Omni window & door to provide & install windows for a building project. From the start there were nothing by problems

trying to get his company to provide correct information to accomodate the installation, and when Omni window & door finally did install the windows, the job was so bad, a company rep. for the windows later told my customer & myself the only way to correct the problem was to start over. One bay window was actually left propped up with a stick stuck in the soil outside.

Other windows where hanging by only one nail, and none were shimmed as required.

After months of complaints from my customer & myself, Craig Paske shows up & and try’s to fix the problems with tools that look like a childs christmas gift. Needless to say, the problem became much worse & even damaged some of the windows. My customer & myself finally took legal action against Craig Paske & Omni Window

& door. I assisted my customer in a small cliams suit against Craig Paske & Omni window & door,and were awarded full compensation. (Fond du lac Co. case # 200SC0022063). I stayed with my customer through out the process which took years to reslove, and the only complaint against my business in almost

30 yrs of have come from Craig Paske,

possibly falsely on this site,against mysely & my businness which are now being ivestigated.

Don Whitby

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