Couple's Wedding Plans Foiled by Meth Arrest in Las Vegas (JAIL)

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An engaged couple’s wedding plans were foiled after they were arrested for allegedly possessing meth in Las Vegas.

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43 thoughts on “Couple's Wedding Plans Foiled by Meth Arrest in Las Vegas (JAIL)”

  1. The best thing that ever happened to my little sister is when she was arrested and they finally kept her for a long time…long enough for her to wake up. She’s clean now and she’s working for the first time in 20 years at a normal job. Before all this started she was a mortgage loan officer who made 150k per year and that was a lot of money for where we live and it was two decades ago. She’s going on 10 months clean. Her longest clean time during this whole mess.
    Hope is coming back. I hope these young people find that same hope.

  2. Yep most people do have things going on in there life but most try to stay away from things that destroy there lives , and try to better it not make it worse !! That's very very sad , not a positive way to start a marriage

  3. Oh boy. Well Yall can Quit. I'm clean sober 12 yrs now. PLEASE get help. METH ain't worth it. That ish makes you think weird… prayers they get help. Nice officers.

  4. Drug policy in this country is atrocious. They had I tiny bag of meth and getting hit with two felonies? How is that supposed to help either of them get better by shoving them in a dangerous place full of dangerous convicts. I mean her dude looks like hes already been In prison so it will feel normal to him. We need rehabilitation over incarceration!!!

  5. Zombies come in many forms. Some stare at the walls all day high on meth. Some stare at the phone all day high on programming! However meth and cocaine is not the world's leading drug, caffeine is the world's leading and most addicted used drugs on the planet. Don't ever think you're not a addict too your caffeine sugar and telephone 👍

  6. A couple that are committed to addictions, aren’t going to do the same for each other. And, most likely will face ‘until death do we part’, sooner than later…

  7. Its so funny how overly nice the jail staff acts on camera. From what I've heard they aren't always this accommodating or polite.

  8. Stop throwing people in jail over simple possession of personal use. How about we get them a free ride to a rehab in their area? Prison for these type of addicts doesn’t work. And isn’t jail supposed to make you learn something?

  9. Drug laws are wack. They never hurt anyone. They made choices that affected their own bodies. Is it smart? No. But it should be their right to use a controlled substance.
    I dont know whos going to look at this video and say "those 2 deserve to have their lives ruined."

  10. I would have just destroyed the meth and let them go. Locking them up won't do anything. Guess thats why I'm not a cop.

  11. I’m fighting addiction now I pray for the both of you ❤ I know how hard it is 😢 some days I’m just ready to give up. I pray for all that is struggling with an addiction. ❤

  12. In my opinion as soon as she said their plan was to go to detox then they should have stopped the arrest and helped them get there I can say from experience that courts that don't care whether your relapse is not the place to send someone wanting to detox and quit

  13. I hope this arrest doesn't trigger what happens allot that these people that had decided to get help change their minds because of these arrests

  14. Experts agree there are basically two approaches to getting high – 'Mushrooms In The Forest' or 'Meth in Vegas'.
    I've always hated Vegas. 😁

  15. Ever heard of do not ever speak to a Police officer? they are not there to protect your rights and sure the F are not going to Period! these couldn't be more scripted if Pediwood had scripted these shows! WTF even thinks cops care in these situations, guilty or not, that's why you never say a word.

  16. WOW! I LOVE these officers!! They are all so nonjudgmental and actually understanding and trying to help with advice! Now if only they were all like this…..

    Poor dude just got out that day and gets caught and went right back in. I hope they both get clean and have a healthy relationship together. Most often these relationships are toxic so i truly hope it’s a healthy one.


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