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Dear Readers,

@Mr Sankati, we can not process your visa without your documents. The checklist for all of the documents are pending and we can not help in this case. We are unsure that you are unaware that your comment on this discussion forum or on the others comes under defamatory actions. Under the section 499 of the Indian Penal Code, if an individual’s words either spoken or intended to read, signs, or any visible representation makes or publishes any allegation against another innocent person or reputed organization which will harm the reputation of such person or organization, treated illegally and defamatory.

Moreover, defamation through the internet is a punishable offence under Article 66A of the Information Technology Act of 2000. It may charge an accused with imprisonment up to three years and a fine. Hence, it is better for you to revise your actions and stop defaming the prestige of authoritative company like ours.

It’s no secret that we all should respect customer reviews; however, if those are fake and deliberately used to defame someone’s reputation, then it becomes a legal matter of defamation. So, this is the duty of our company to ensure a fair balance between the protection of reputation and freedom of expression on platforms.

Moreover, we hereby demand a court order where and when it is proven that the company has cheated or did a fraud to you. Whereas, you are not a registered client never signed up for the further services with the company. You do not hold any agreement with the company to prove you’re a registered client and has maliciously defamed our brand on baseless review posting claiming and stating the company is fake. This comment or thread shall be removed or delete with immediate effect, or we shall be at liberty to take this to civil courts of Delhi to claim damages and reimbursement of claims.

This is an official reply from Countrywide Visas.

We are amongst the top 10 best immigration consultants in Delhi. We are known for our legal way of documentation and correct knowledge of our service. We have served more than 10, 000 clients with 100% success rate.

Our service includes providing PR visa to those clients who are interested in migrating abroad permanently.

It’s natural to have 10 unsatisfied clients while dealing with 100 clients. At some point, there is bound to be someone who is unhappy enough with the service to leave a less than stellar review. We at countrywide visas deal with 1000s of clients so it’s natural to have some unsatisfied clients.

Before starting the process, our immigration experts explain each and every detail about the PR visa to our clients. Also, they mail them the terms and conditions of the payment process. Everything we do during the process is transparent to our clients whether it is related to payment or documents.

Smaller competing firms who are unable to compete with us ask their employees to post such false statements about our service in order to defame our brand name. The Ex-employees who are relieved immediately from their job due to fixing documents or indulging in fraud also post such bad reviews about our experts and our service.

Don’t let a bad review take away your sense of humour.

Countrywide visas are a real immigration consultant with real immigration experts with a transparent process. We have served our clients who are loyal to us; they provided positive feedback that can be checked on our official website. Also, our clients refer countrywide visas to the people who are looking for Pr Visa because of the trust bond.

Furthermore, We cant find any client related the name in our database. Hence, We are marking this comment or review as fake and spam. For our success stories kindly follow: in the section of Clients Success Stories, verified stories can be found.

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