Cortney Davis, Jellico, Tennessee – STD Monitor

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Source: Cortney Davis, Jellico, Tennessee – STD Monitor

Cortney Davis, Jellico, Tennessee

Cortney Davis, Jellico, Tennessee

Courtney Davis is a cheater and a liar and player. Courtney was my ex until I found out that she has HIV-AIDS. I knew something was wrong with her because she has lost over 42 ibs and she look very sick. She had a one night stand with black man name tyrese Jones that was positive for AIDS. He later on died from AIDS. She told me that she dont want to die. I feel sorry for her. Year later she feels better and looks better. She told me she dont have AIDS anymore. There is no cure for aids. She is out now sleeping with guys that are taken or married or in a relationship. So if you have s*x with her make sure you wear a condom so you dont catch it then give it to your wife. I even posted this over at and here is that link….

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