Copwatch | Man Allegedly High On Meth Arrest & Medical Evaluation

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San Diego Copwatch April 27, 2018
4200 Van Dyke ave. City Heights, Mid-City San Diego

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United Against Police Terror – San Diego
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6 thoughts on “Copwatch | Man Allegedly High On Meth Arrest & Medical Evaluation”

  1. The Break Down of Society is due to the War on Drugs, Mass Incarceration, Policing for Profit, Militarized Police State, Welfare State, Crooked Injustice System, Warmongering, Excessive Spending Overseas, Excessive Taxes & Spending, Federal Reserve, and the Deep/Dark State… all perpetrated by the Government! Do you Trust the IDIOTS in Government that Much? The Government WILL Take ALL of Your RIGHTS, FREEDOM, and LIBERTY!

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  2. I think it's funny how society still thinks u can punish someone who is taking there drug of choice . Instead of helping them get through the reason they are doing it in the first place. An I got news for u . Jail isn't helping.


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