Convicted drunk driver facing new charges I KMSP FOX 9

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A woman who was once convicted for killing someone while behind the wheel of her car is facing new charges for a crash where alcohol may have been involved.

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22 thoughts on “Convicted drunk driver facing new charges I KMSP FOX 9”

  1. Why do women get off easily?, its a joke they way female criminals get slaps on the wrist for the same thing a man would get years behind bars for.

  2. How you kill a mf drunk driving and get 10 years probation… and 6 60 day stays in county? But I get an assault and get 60 days in jail 5 year probation and a 15 year suspended sentence? Damn wish I was white

  3. My condolences to the family who lost a brother and husband I'm glad the 2nd victims weren't gravely injured. The sad part is she keeps walking away from these horrible accidents.

    The privilege runs deep in this story. I wonder if she wasn't white if she would have been afforded the sentence consideration let alone if the family would have agreed to it. She should be punished with and received prison time and her picture should be displayed.

  4. The sale of alcohol should be banned forever period. You can't sell something that's addicting and deadly and expect it to not cause any deaths. Law makers who make laws allowing the sale of alcohol and the alcohol producers themselves should be held accountable for these deaths.

  5. Thank God she didn’t lose her license after killing people. Everyone has the right to drive drunk and dismember people. 😏


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