Complaint / Review: Sharday Lane

Found on: 2022-08-01 00:43:14

Source: Complaint / Review: Sharday Lane

Sharday Lane, often known as Sharday V Lane, targets good restaurants as well as perhaps other restaurants. Issues like what Sharday Lane aka Sharday V Lane has done make it difficult for businesses to stay afloat in a time when honest patronage is desperately needed in a world where costs are rising and restaurants are staying in business. Sharday Lane, sometimes known as Sharday V Lane, refuses to pay for her meals. She will take these meals and then leave, essentially stealing a meal. Her actions are probably being recorded on camera. Avoid those who act in this manner, and refuse to open your door to them. In order to assist stop rewarding this conduct and report it, it is ideal to call the police on them right away and file charges.

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