Colleen Gresham — Ohio – STD Monitor

Found on: 2022-06-07 22:54:31

Source: Colleen Gresham — Ohio – STD Monitor

She is a herpes infected skank. Colleen Gresham met my husband at work while I worked as a nurse and took care of our young autistic son with allergies and special needs. When I found out, the b**** was unapologetic and full of herself, comparing herself to “barbie” in texts. I found out right before the holidays which was worse. De she knew the whole time he was married and didn’t care. She kept going out with him and staying out all night with him and had no conscience. My husband left because for weeks he continued to see her and text her and refused to stop. He chose her over his wife and girlfriend of 14 years and left me with nothing but her herpes.

Source: Colleen Gresham — Ohio – STD Registry

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