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Chris Batz, whose YouTube channel is called Fat and Broke, is the most hated expat in Vietnam. Orphanage scammer.

Chris Batz’s Background

Christopher Joseph Batz was born in Indiana to Jack and Catherine Batz. Jack Batz was a hardworking American hero who served in the United States Army and then worked in a U.S. Steel mill for 10 years. In 1964, Jack Batz opened Jack’s Gun Shop, which was a hunting and fishing shop in Burns Harbor, Indiana.

In 1976, Jack Batz married Catherine Smith — a woman 20 years his junior. In the early 1980s, converted Jack’s Gun Shop into Jack’s Gun & Pawn to capitalize on the economic depression that was taking place in the Rust Belt of northwestern Indiana as steel mills were shut down and the area transformed into a bombed out wasteland. Jack and Cathy later opened up two additional pawn shops to create the Cash Indiana empire.

Despite Chris Batz’s YouTube channel being called Fat and Broke, he only meets one of those criteria. Jack and Cathy Batz turned Cash Indiana into a successful business that leveraged the economic problems of an area of the Midwest that has become known as the most miserable area in the U.S.

Eventually, Jack and Cathy Batz were able to purchase an oceanfront home in Fort Meyers Beach, Florida that is now valued at nearly $2 million. Although his parent’s worked hard to create a successful business empire, Chris Batz has taken the opposite approach as he has become a YouTube e-beggar and grifter who depends on small donations from his miniscule group of fans in order to live in Vietnam — a country with an extremely low cost of living.

Jack Batz passed away in Indiana on July 1, 2021, at the age of 84. He was the epitome of what it means to be an American — a man who served his country in the military and then built a successful business from the ground up. It should be noted that Chris Batz did not go to his father’s funeral and instead decided to remain in Vietnam to vlog.

What did Chris Batz do before becoming Fat and Broke?

Chris Batz is an admitted high school dropout. He claims that he studied to become a master mechanic as well as a certified Cisco engineer, but there is no proof of either of those things being true. What is known is that Chris Batz eventually left Indiana for the bright lights of Southern California, where he claims he worked in the IT industry and was generating millions of dollars per year for his employer. He even said that he once was dispatched to the mansion of billionaire Elon Musk to install equipment.

Chris Batz eventually started a business called Batz Technologies, which appears to simply be a PC repair business that he ran out of an apartment in Venice, California. In addition, it appears that Chris Batz was the defendant of an eviction lawsuit in Los Angeles that lasted for more than five years.

Starting the Fat and Broke YouTube channel

Chris Batz moved to h*o Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam in July 2019. According to Batz, he decided to move to Vietnam and become an expat because he was “depressed, broke and fat” in California. After watching videos from famous YouTubers Harold Baldr and Bald and Bankrupt, he thought he could do the same thing, so he sold all of his belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Saigon.

He has been a full-time YouTuber ever since; however, instead of becoming YouTube famous like Harold Baldr and Bald and Bankrupt, Chris Batz has caused himself to become the most hated expat in Vietnam. Criticism and becoming the most hated expat in Vietnam

During his time as a YouTuber, Chris Batz has build up a vast number of detractors for numerous reasons.

One major complaint about Fat and Broke is that the content is terrible. Chris Batz has made over 1,000 YouTube videos, but almost all of them are the same exact thing — him walking around tourist areas and merely rattling off what he sees with absolutely no editing or production value (what he calls “raw vlogging”, but what others call laziness).

Out of those +1,000 videos, perhaps more than half are four areas of Saigon: Le Thanh Ton Street (Japantown), Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Ben Thanh Market and Bui Vien Street. While it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic did limit international travel for more than two years, it is not an excuse for repeatedly making videos of the same places that most long-term expats in Saigon would consider touristy and with no real value to continually visit after living in the city for more than a few months.

Another thing that is hated about Chris Batz is that he is a pathological liar. His most obvious lie is that he is on a ketogenic, one-meal-a-day (OMAD) diet and runs, swims, lifts weights and walks at least 15,000 steps every day.

It is clear just by looking at him that he does not do any of these things. Even though he claims to “eat clean”, he has shown a penchant to eat unhealthy western food like McDonald’s, pizza, fried chicken and other fast food. Batz’s heavy alcohol use also doesn’t help his weight and overall health.

In addition to his diet and exercise lies, Chris Batz has also lied about being able to speak Vietnamese and other languages, having so much cryptocurrency in his wallets that it would make his haters jealous (when in reality it is only $20,000 — which has since gone on to lose value), getting multiple IT job offers in Saigon that pay up to $5,000 per month but not taking them because he does not want to work 40 hours per week, and being a professional DJ who would be throwing “Fat and Broke DJ nights” in clubs and onboard a yacht with the help of an international DJ promoter (of course this has not happened).

There are other lies such as the aforementioned installing IT equipment at Elon Musk’s mansion, knowing a producer of the acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad who allowed Batz to watch episodes of the show a year before they were released and offer his critique, matching with 1,000 girls on Tinder in his first two weeks in Vietnam, and getting mugged by five Vietnamese gangsters but using his years of boxing training to defend himself and knock them all out.

Chris Batz has even lied about seemingly meaningless things to his pathetic Discord followers, including stating that he smooth talked an ANA flight attendant to upgrade him to premium economy class but then posted a picture of him clearly sitting in an economy seat.

Perhaps Chris Batz’s biggest criticism came from his use of a GoFundMe campaign to raise money in order to buy supplies for orphanages in Saigon. The GoFundMe was started on September 30, 2020, and has since gone onto raise more than $6,000.

However, Batz was extremely slow with buying supplies for the orphanages and had nearly $2,500 unaccounted for as of May 2022, which led many to believe that he had used the money on himself. It wasn’t until he got a great deal of criticism on Single Man Forum and Reddit that he actually donated the supplies nearly two years after the GoFundMe campaign was created.

Although he stated that he would close the GoFundMe campaign, it has remained open and has continued to receive donations. In fact, Chris Batz recently generated more donations to take a group of more than 60 orphans to Dam Sen Waterpark in Saigon and allowed fans in his Discord channel to volunteer to help out even though most of them are middle-aged and older men who have come to Vietnam to find younger lovers — not exactly the kind of people you want around vulnerable orphans in a setting where they are wearing minimal clothing.

Furthermore, Chris Batz has made numerous videos in which he demonstrates extremely rude and boorish behavior. For example, Batz filmed himself walking by massage parlors in Saigon’s Japantown and yelling at a woman employee that he wasn’t filming her because she “wasn’t hot enough” after she politely told him that he couldn’t film her.

Batz also was banned from the Pasteur Street Brewing Company on Le Thanh Ton Street in Saigon for filming the female massage workers and their customers at the spa across the street, saying that AIDS was “disease for gay people”, and acting like an unofficial bouncer by yelling at a customer for speaking to a female.

Additionally, after spending an entire trans-Pacific drinking and then another 24-hours in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport doing nothing but pounding beer and highballs, Chris Batz filmed himself going on a misogynistic rant inspired by infamous influencer and alleged human trafficker & rapist Andrew Tate.

Although Chris Batz states that he is against censorship as well as the silencing tactics used by the Communist Party of China, he regularly purges his YouTube comments and Discord channel from anything he considers criticism, including comments that offer him constructive criticism to improve his content.

Batz actually copyright struck the Fat and Broke Lowlights YouTube Channel for posting clips taken from his YouTube videos, thus in a way censoring his own voice.

Chris Batz and his wife Wyn

Chris Batz met his wife Wyn on Bui Vien Street in Saigon and proposed to her not even a year later. Batz’s decision to marry Wyn turned out to be fortuitous as he is not qualified for any job that would allow him to legally stay in Vietnam long term, so marrying Wyn allowed him to get a spousal temporary resident card and remain in Vietnam amid COVID-19 and the Vietnamese government’s purge of expats, retirees and fake English teachers who had been staying in the country for a long time on tourist visas.

It certainly seems like the only reason Batz married Wyn was to get the temporary resident card so he could continue to live in Vietnam cheaply, build his Fat and Broke YouTube Channel and eventually become a “world travel vlogger”.

Despite being a married man, Chris Batz is a regular at lady bars (in fact, he even livestreamed himself getting a blow job at one, but he states that it was just a joke that was taken out of context even though it’s on video), going to Cambodia by himself during the important Vietnamese holiday of Tet and motorboating the b***s of a white female tourist, grabbing the breast of a woman while at a bar in Florida (where he was visiting his mother who was suffering from cancer), being a drunk creep with a girl half his age in Singapore, and regularly using his camera to take pictures/videos of young women without their knowledge.


Does this look like the behavior of a married man while his wife is back in Vietnam celebrating the Tet Holiday?

YouTuber-Fat-and-Broke-Chris-Batz-and-his-Vietnamese-wife-Wyn – Copy.png

YouTuber Fat and Broke Chris Batz with his wife Wyn — clearly a loving marriage.


Vietnam YouTuber Chris Batz very much enjoys the company of women who aren’t his wife.

Conclusion: Chris Batz and his Fat and Broke YouTube channel suck

The purpose of this post is to put criticism of Vietnam vlogger / YouTuber Fat and Broke (real name Chris Batz) in a place where he cannot censor it. He has done plenty to deserve this criticism, and because he does not want any negative comments on his Fat and Broke YouTube channel or Discord, he removes anything he deems negative because he is a thin-skinned coward.

If anyone finds the Fat and Broke YouTube channel and wants to learn more about who Chris Batz really is, hopefully this post will come up in a search so they can find out the truth about Chris Batz, the most hated expat in Vietnam.

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