Christina Agostino – family must be so proud –

Found on: 2021-03-29 23:43:41

Source: Christina Agostino – family must be so proud –

Christina Agostino – family must be so proud

Cristina Agostino… The grossest object alive. Man If I had this sloot as my daughter I would disown her. Infected pu$$y nudes been sent round tbay n she wonder why no one likes her lol. This nasty b so dirty she gave homie sh!t d1ck from her sh1t stained a55. This sloot shouldn’t even show her face in public no more it’s embarrassing. I’m pretty sure everyone seen that video of you “squirting”. Nasty b stop pissing all over the sheets your mama washes :/ Also wash your pu5 pu5 cause there’s toilet paper stuck to it. This greasy cow seeks validation by showing her body.. And when that doesn’t work, she talks sh1t about women to guys to make herself look all that. Y’all don’t want nothing to do with this insecure sl00t who wears 10 pounds of makeup. She’s become a laughing stock to tbay from all her loose holes. Nah fr, this b1tch can’t be serious. This b1tch lookin like 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗 with her sh1t stained flat azz. Everyone knows how nasty this thot is and I gotta spread da word cause she might poop on you or give you drds. Cristina if you reading this please get help tbay is depending on it.

Published at Mon, 29 Mar 2021 15:40:59 GMT

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