Chasity Nichole House Lawrenceville, Georgia

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Source: Chasity Nichole House Lawrenceville, Georgia

I’m not sure on the date this has started but I do know that this started sometime in March. My boyfriend/ fiancé and I of 7 years have had our share of ups and downs, then again what relationship doesn’t. This wasn’t his first time cheating on me but this will definitely be the last! We were out with the kids in March and the kids wanted to go to (removed) but for some reason my boyfriend/fiancé said that he wasn’t in the mood for Tacos. So we ended up going to another restaurant. While waiting for our food he received a text and I took a quick glance and saw the name Chasity and stated “ok boo”. I was furious inside! My attitude change completely and he noticed it asking me if I was ok, did I want a back rub,etc. when we reached home we argued and he said sorry and it wouldn’t continue, but I had my doubts. So I went on his Instagram page to see if she was on there and she sure was. I saw her life story of what I can detect from the pictures. I then went on FB and saw on her page something very interesting, she worked at (removed). So now I know why he didn’t want to go to (removed) that night.

So the following month, during the late night hours he received another text and this time the name wasn’t spelled out. It was from a “Cs” and it read “ok boo”, 2nd text “wyd”. I knew it was from her especially with the nickname “boo”. So I took a screenshot of it and did my own texting to him calling him out. We argued a 2nd time and he said he’d stop, but of course he didn’t because there would have to be a 3rd time! So later in April he’s been staying out late drinking and having a good time with “family” and at some point, which I don’t know, he’s been sleeping with her unprotected. How do I know? Cause I had him rush me to the hospital after 2 days of having cramp like pain and a discharge of blood. Not knowing what it was they did a test and came back with bladder infection and bacterial vaginosis. A few days later while taking meds I get a call from the hospital informing me that they’ve done further testing and it came back positive for gonorrhea! So now I know why I’ve been having all this pain. I told him and he admitted that he has slept with her and because of this he would stop. I asked him would he even tell her so she can get checked and won’t pass it on, he told me no and that he’s just going to stop messing with her. I shook my head in shame and disgusted of the man I knew and thought was mine.

He said that she knew about me and the kids. So not only was she aware of me but took it upon herself to accept it and him. I have contacted her through her FB with no reply, but hopefully this will catch her attention and keep her focus on her life and kids instead of the dick. Oh and “boo” is packed and going home to momma cause I don’t want another incident where the STD is incurable and life threatening or even to get another STD at all ever, cause I love my body that much and respect it!



Source: Chasity Nichole House Lawrenceville, Georgia

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