CCOO remembers victims of the fatal accident at Repsol in 2003

Source: CCOO remembers victims of the fatal accident at Repsol in 2003

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One more year CCOO expresses its memory and recognition to the victims of the work accident in which nine workers from auxiliary companies and subcontractors died due to an explosion at the Repsol refinery in Puertollano that occurred on August 14, 2013.

On the 19th anniversary of this tragedy, the Workers’ Commissions, in a simple and emotional act, have deposited nine roses on the commemorative plaque installed on Paseo de San Gregorio, next to the Casa de Baños, in recognition and remembrance of the nine workers who died in that accident.

“The loss of these nine colleagues and of all those who die at work must remain in the memory,” said the general secretary of the CCOO of Ciudad Real, José Manuel Muñoz, who pointed out the union’s fight to eradicate workplace accidents .

CCOO remembers victims of the fatal accident at Repsol in 2003

“No matter how many years pass, that fateful August 14th remains and will always remain in the memory of the CCOO and all of Puertollano and will always be a milestone in the claims to improve working conditions and safeguard the health of working people,” he remarked. Muñoz, at the same time that he wanted to send a message of encouragement to the affected families, who continue to suffer the absence of their loved ones.

“Today is also a day to remember all the workers who are victims of workplace accidents and to reflect and put more means to put an end to the loss of lives at work.”

In this sense, the general secretary of the CCOO of Ciudad Real has indicated that in the first half of the year in the province of Ciudad Real a total of 3,197 work accidents have been registered, 302 more than in the same period of the previous year. Work-related accidents grow by more than 10% in general terms, with an increase in serious accidents (24 serious from January to June this year, compared to 16 in the same period of 2021) and 9 fatalities, three more than in the same period of the previous year.

Companies with fewer workers and with less seniority in them are at the forefront in accident rates. For the CCOO of Ciudad Real “it is time to put an end to this trend and the strict application of the labor reform, which in just six months has allowed the number of indefinite contracts to be ten times higher than a year ago, achieving that the stability is translated into experience, it has to serve to reduce the accident rate,” says Muñoz, at the same time that he has demanded “more prevention measures” and has asked the workers to “lose their fear and demand prevention in their jobs “.

This year is marked by falls from height, especially on construction sites, triggering fatal accidents. For this reason, CCOO considers that “at a time when the installation of solar panels on our roofs is increasing, it is essential that preventive measures be scrupulously complied with so as not to have to continue to regret more deaths at work.”

From Workers Commissions we continue working to end this social scourge. Our advisory services continue to attend queries and issue draft reports for the maintenance of salary conditions and bonuses for dangerousness, toxicity, change of contingency, non-conformity with medical discharges, etc. Also filing complaints to the Labor Inspection, which increased in this period the number of requirements to detect possible breaches in the safety conditions in the workplace.

There has been an increase in sanctions produced, especially for maternity and breastfeeding protection and for deficiencies in health and safety plans. In addition, the Inspection has attended to all the demands that we send them from the Workers’ Commissions in the face of refusals by companies, to draw up equality plans.

Lastly, taking advantage of the presence in the Paseo de San Gregorio, a space that is being renovated, and seeing the amount of public works projected in Puertollano, Muñoz has appealed to the business community, reminding them that “theirs is the maximum responsibility when it comes to preserving the safety and health of workers in their workplaces” and has urged him “not to put economic considerations before relegating his obligations in terms of risk prevention, because life is the most valuable thing”. Also, he has requested supervision by the administrations for which said works are carried out; and to workers that “we must take extreme precautions and under no circumstances accept to face risks that endanger life or health”.

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