Calling everything racist 'undermines calling out actual racism that is…

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‘If everything is racist and everyone is racist, it undermines [calling out] actual racism that is happening.’

Calvin Robinson discusses having his priesthood ‘snatched away’ and whether the Church of England is institutionally racist.

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Watch more at: Calling everything racist 'undermines calling out actual racism that is happening.' Calvin Robinson

28 thoughts on “Calling everything racist 'undermines calling out actual racism that is…”

  1. The radical left has race on the brain and their attacks on the white population is off the scales. How has the radical loony left been allowed to go this far?

  2. Justin Selby, the supposed spokesman for God on earth . The man who said unvaccinated could not go in his "church", and that Jesus would have the jab. What a wonderful man of God.

  3. It is disgusting what Calvin 'Tommy' Robinson is doing. He is encouraging a social media pile on towards the CofE by his London media luvvie friends like Fox, Daubney, Miller and Young.

  4. This nonsense has gone to far ,and it's only going to get worse ..we need to put a stop to it now !!
    We need to unite in this country whilst the left continue to divide us

  5. I was really upset by what has happened recently so, in my own and VERY small way, I decided I would what I could and if it did change things – even how small – it would be good!

  6. Well said Calvin. If the bishops are that troubled, why don't they move to any of the many African countries that have large protestant communities and preach there. They could wash there liberal guilt away by living in a poor community instead of the lap of luxury. I doubt many would miss any of them, I know I wouldn't. Perhaps they could persuade those who accuse white UK citizens of racism to accomany them.

  7. Racism in the UK is appalling. It starts with the belief that Jesus was white when Jesus was actually brown. The history of the whites over the centuries is soaked with racism: colonialism, slave trade, imperialism and exploitation and destruction of civilizations around the world with no remorse and no guilt. The non-whites continue to be racially abused in the UK. There is institutional racism and racism against non-whites in the society

  8. Calvin really hits the nail on the head when he said that if the CoE really is racist then those leading it for the last decades should resign with shame that they have presided over a racist institution.

  9. So they claim the church is racist then deny a black man the role he has trained and studied hard for because he doesn't agree with them. The irony of it.

  10. Finally someone said what i have thought for years,the word racism is used so often over trivia it has lost all meaning and we just ignore it,keep crying wolf and no one will listen.

  11. If we were all racist parliament would be full of nf and bnp mps , if you dont like this land if you think its racist move to somewhere that you like race baters and f wits .

  12. Treating people differently according to their race is unfair because none of us can choose our race or change it. But it is no more unfair than sexism or ageism. And we have no obligation to be fair when choosing the people with whom we share our inheritance. People who come to a country to get the benefit of the living standard that other people's ancestors have worked to build, have no right to expect equal treatment.


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