Brazil: a journalist went to cover a road accident and found out…

Source: Brazil: a journalist went to cover a road accident and found out…

Found on: 2022-06-09 14:47:39

A mobile player from Brazilian television learned live of terrible news while covering a car crash. In the middle of a Facebook Live, she discovered that your son was involved in it and he was the fatal victim. With complete professionalism, he continued with his work despite being visibly distressed and spoke out about it.

According to the media outlet Globo, it is about the journalist Carlos Alberto Baldassaria native of Araraquara, who was working alongside Antonio Machado Sant’Anna Highway, São Paulo, to report on a collision between a truck and a car.

Journalist Carlos Alberto Baldassari was covering the accident where his son died Capture Globo

“A vehicle had an accident, the body has already been removed. This is what we are showing you now, ”she indicated in a first broadcast that he made this Wednesday. Over there, showed an overview of the state in which the vehicles had been left -with irreparable damage- and gave an introduction regarding what happened. Then the video was interrupted for a few minutes. The reason? the television presenter discovered that one of the vehicles involved was his son’s.

With this bleak scenario, Baldassari resumed his work, but this time to tell the world one of the worst news a parent can receive. “Such is the life of a reporter. Many people, perhaps, will not understand the moment we are experiencing here on the road. There is the car that was involved in the accident, the body has already been removed. The truck stopped about 100 meters to the side of the road, and now listen to what I am going to tell you, ”he introduced in a second transmission.

At that moment, and with a broken voice, he explained: “The driver of the vehicle that lost his life here is my son, Tiago, who used to do the presentation of the daily programs with me, the lives. This morning we came to cover the accident and I found out that the deceased person was my son, “she said.

With complete integrity and maturity, the man reflected: “Unfortunately, in this world that we live in reporting, there are times when we will cover events that involve family members. Today he is my son.” After the harsh revelation, he closed: “We lose Tiago And may God welcome you with open arms. He is a good boy, with a good heart.”

A journalist was covering a car accident and discovered that his son was a fatal victim

According to information provided by the Brazilian media, the fatal victim was Tiago Cequeto Baldassari, 32 years old. On the other hand, they explained that he accompanied his father in the presentations of a well-known television program called Balda Noticias.

At the same time, The deceased was the father of an 8-year-old girl. and his wife is three months pregnant. The man’s body will be veiled this Thursday morning at the Municipal Cemetery of Araraquara, located at Av. Espanha, 1206.

How was the accident in which the journalist’s son died

A truck, which was moving from Ribeirão Preto to Araraquara, had a strong impact with a Gol model cara few meters from the entrance to Parque São Paulo, on the SP-255 highway.

The fire department and two ambulances arrived at the scene, with the aim of rescuing and assisting the people involved. Immediately, The driver of the vehicle was found to have died at the scene. Meanwhile, the police diverted traffic to another lane and carried out the pertinent investigations.

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