Black Father Confronts Racist Store Employee Who Called Him Slur

Uploaded By: Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Homer, a White man who works at Dillard’s, gets confronted by a Black man after he called the Black man a slur. Homer eventually got fired after 20 years of employment. Dr. Rashad Richey and Ben Gleib discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Watch more at: Black Father Confronts Racist Store Employee Who Called Him Slur

37 thoughts on “Black Father Confronts Racist Store Employee Who Called Him Slur”

  1. In heaven, there are no bad words. And no offense is ever taken…Everyone knows exact what you mean when you speak. No matter the words that you employ. Even such colorful language laced with expletives will not offend the mind of Christ. It's the mind of Christ that is the commonwealth of the Kingdom of God. In the mind of Christ is where we shall all have our life and being. In His mind there's no miscommunication.

    There are no sinners in heaven either! None at all… And that's because everyone is funneled through Him and they are changed!
    Then they are truly born again. Not of this world but of Him. They are transformed into immortal beings …entirely new creatures inside and out.

    Moreover, He is bringing heaven to Earth and to each and every one of us Himself. We shall not all die but we shall all be changed. Even the earth itself shall change and all things shall become new again. Earth shall then be enveloped in His presence and it shall be but another provence in His everlasting Kingdom.

    Las Vegas and the like, will still be places of gathering and of entertainment. But gamblimg?! It will fade out of popularity and in effect people will just altogether abandon it! His transformative work is a gentle and patient, seamless process and he won't Force anyone against their will. When they are ready to take the next step He'll be there to steady them. People will tear down their own idols simply because they're obstructing their view of Him in all of His glory!

    With Sonship comes the mantle of His grace and with it all the power and divine genuis that goes with it. It is the mind of Christ manifesting His true plans and purposes for the end-game! His strategy? To save the world in a day!!!

    To freely distribute All of His power and spiritual Might to people who are waiting for His appearing and patiently praying as they bide their time. His appearing meaning: When he actually appears. Vs, What He looks like. He is at least for now invisible and without color because He is Spirit. Until we can see His spirit we will not be able to see His body …both methphorically and literally. They will have full autonomy to exercise the gifts and powers of Christ to their heart's content and unto the glory of God.
    They'll also be empowered to transmit the same Miraculous powers and authority to others regardless of their inability to believe. They'll transmit it all by touch! Touching not only the body but touching the human heart. They'll give them but a little taste of what it's really like not to be powerless and clueless for a change! And if they want more they can get it directly from HIM.
    They will be incouraged to seek Him out within the secret recesses of their hearts where He has always been. For when Jesus first preached the Kindom of Heaven is within you! He preached it not to His disciples only but to everyone shouting it aloud so everyone could hear. We are charged to freely give all that we have recieved in accordance to the measure of our faith.

    Faith isn't what the world calls faith: Faith is a spiritual substance that operates from within as an energy that enlivens us to Him giving him full autonomy over us. The more we just surrender ourselves to it the more freely He is able to operate. We recieve our faith in measures. When we have the full measure then we are faithful because we are full of faith and we must be full of faith if we are to be overflowing! It is the overflowing that is the very virtue that healed the woman with the issue blood. She knew that if she could but touch something that touched him like say, the hem of His garment she would no doubt be healed. Jesus who was in the midst of a moblike croud all tightly packed together in the market place was being jostled and pushed about like everyone one else there. Yet, He exclaimed: "Who touched me?" meaning who touched His heart because He felt her pressing inward through the croud and His virtue …the very Faith of Him became her Faith and she was made whole.

    That story tells us exactly what we need to do to find Him hidden deep within ourselves… deep past all the thoughts and cares and all the voices of the outter soul. Therin is the true temple of God and the Holy of Holies… There hidden deep within the human heart is the true secret place of the Most High God. If you would hasten the day of His appearing then that is what you shall do…

  2. That has got to be the most sincere genuine and authentic man that I have seen! You can just look at his body language and tell that man is so furious and he is so tired of having to deal with so much crap just because of tge skin color he was born into! The fact that man could stand there and talk to that pig the way that he did and not only just the fact that he did eloquently, but just the fact that he was able to do it calmly and turn a disgusting situation into a teachable moment for his son and maybe one day for the old bigot, is it's just hugely commendable! So many racist pigs wanna sit there and talk crap about black and Brown people and anytime 1 of us snaps because we've just had more than enough of bigoted white people we're referred to as animals or see look they can't control themselves . Never mind the fact that 99% of the karens you see (whether they're male or female) are white people. I've seen them literally throw themselves on the ground and kick and scream! Never mind the fact that you have them punching cops and doing all kinds of shit, but let a black or Brown person "talk back" we're labeled as savages or animals, used as a point to prove that we're out of control making it sound like we should get euthanized like dogs. You know the reason why some of those bigger and old white people make it to that age? It's because the people they accuse of being wild animals actually don't act like wild animals. That man was well within his right to punch Homer dead in his mouth and beat his ass, but he didn't! He didn't act like the wild animal that a lot of bigots try to say we act like. That old man made it to that age not only because color people don't act like wild animals, but because hes never had to pay a consequence for his actions! Hes always been able to say and do whatever he pleased and he continues to do so and thinks that his old age is going to save him. One day he will not come across a man like he did in this video. 1 day, like the man in the video said, hes going to come across someone who's just had enough and homer may be meeting his maker much sooner than he planned.

  3. This gentleman has my utmost respect! He had a hard situation to deal with and he did it with Grace. He showed his son an excellent example of how to be a man. If only more fathers said the same example there would be less children in trouble. I'm sorry you had to experience that but I couldn't be more proud of the way you handled it. God bless you and your family

  4. I used to work at Dillard's in Texas back in 2006 thru 2010, I had to resigned cuz I was moving back to CA. Plus the father had done the right thing and that racist idiot got fired after his shitty behavior.


  6. The father was so articulate, calm, and intentional, I'm sure the store clerk was shocked and waiting to be cussed out/worse by his "preconceived ideas of a Black man". How inspiring of this gentleman.

  7. Trust me white people we just as tired of looking at your asses as you clowns are of us! ITS ALL WAYS AN ISSUE OF COLOR WITH THEM, DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE HELL ELSE!!!!!!
    Damn that prayer, hope your ass keels tonight!

  8. That guy was awesome! Total Respect that is so hard to be that eloquent and not lose your temper. This guy was fantastic!

  9. I have to say I kind of respect how the black brother handle the situation cuz he could have easily knocked the old ass crack out because not all black people that patient that white dude is lucky….

  10. That word actually means evening and y'all don't believe me go look it up in the dictionary it's kind of funny it shows how ignorant are United States of America is because over a word that means ignorance

  11. And Homer is too damn old to act that way he acted that goes to show you that racism is deep and some can’t change they are not capable but he lost his job lol

  12. They’re just loaded and doing this crazy shit on purpose because they know they can’t do much else, but I still would have whipped his old ass because I don’t pray my enemies away 👌🏽

  13. Hey Richey! Have you heard? The 67 yr old white man Antoine Kendrick sucker punched just died today! When you’re not too busy picking on whites do you think you can ever find yourself doing a story on that fine young man who killed a 67 yr old senior!


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