Beau CrabillTook My Hard Earned Money United States

Found on: 2022-07-23 07:30:22

Source: Beau CrabillTook My Hard Earned Money United States

For several years, I’ve been a big fan of Beau Crabill and his Online Retail Mastery course. I trusted him and always had nothing but good things to say about him and his staff.

In Oct/2019, I purchased a program from him for $9,997 (Crabill 360 Partnership). After a few months it was evident that I did not receive what was promised. The paperwork I signed with Beau stated that all disputes must be handled through the American Arbitration Association (AAA), so that’s what I did. I spent $2,875 in arbitration costs. FYI, the Crabill folks refused to pay their share of the process (strange, because using the Arbitration board was THEIR requirement). I paid it so we could move forward.

It’s important to note that Crabill’s folks rudely ignored the majority of requests from me as well as the Arbitration board throughout the case —and sent absolutely zero evidence for their defense. In addition, they did NOT attend the hearing. We proceeded anyway (ExParte).

After listening to and reviewing my hard evidence, the arbitrator ruled in MY favor for the full amount plus the amount I had to pay for Crabill’s share of the costs (this is like a judge’s or jury’s decision in a court case). He included all of his findings and a summation of events, including several occasions when Crabill neglected to respond to requests for documents and/or information throughout the process. (They wouldn’t even give us their legal address…..)

And……you guessed it – Crabill is refusing to pay the award! The matter is now being handled by my attorney, who has placed it in pre-judgment status. Once it’s confirmed, we can then enforce collection.

I am shocked and stunned that a prosperous enterprise such as Crabill LLC would act this way to a hardworking retailer such as myself –and to be so disrespectful to the arbitrator. I always thought Beau had more integrity.

Believe me when I tell you that I did not want to bring any of this to the public. In fact, I would have taken it to my grave, except that since they have put me through the ringer for almost a year and are now refusing to pay the award, I feel everyone should know about it to protect themselves from this ever happening to them.

Please understand that this IS NOT to slander the Crabill folks  –everything I am saying here is 100% the absolute TRUTH and I would be willing to connect with any of you who want to REVIEW my portfolio of evidence.

I’m sure Beau will try to squirm his way out of this by saying I’m lying but as I stated, I not only have the evidence to back myself up, I won the award! Not sure how he can refute any of that.

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