BeamNG.Drive: Catastrophic Accidents Part 14 Drunk driver causes accident…

Uploaded By: Crash Time

Hey everyone!
this is my next Catastrophic Accidents video, I hope you will like it! Don’t forget to subscribe and rate the video fairly!

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Music used:

0:00 Hampus Naeselius – A Monster Feeling

2:02 Niklas Ahlstrom – Lights Out Work Out

3:36 Johannes Bornlof – The Deep End

4:45 Admo – Coastal Drive

I do not own any of these songs!

90% of all the sound effects used in the video come from Lightbulb Noob
link to the sfx:

#BeamNG #Crashes #Cinematic

Watch more at: BeamNG.Drive: Catastrophic Accidents Part 14 Drunk driver causes accident (+Sound Effects)

10 thoughts on “BeamNG.Drive: Catastrophic Accidents Part 14 Drunk driver causes accident…”

  1. Hey, Alex! Great video! I just have one tip: while doing the crash effects, the screen shake and the “effect” itself could have been used only for the “main” or “big” aspects/crashes of the video. Aside from that, amazing!

  2. Dang, that was sick! The crash, while tame, felt very fresh and epic! Great job on ALL the video aspects! 11/10!

  3. Holy crap, This was amazing! I loved every second of it, Camera angles are a 10/10, Only problem was that the crash was a little small, But other then that it was amazing!


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