Bad Drivers Compilation № 18 [Odd Encounter With Drunk Driver] [Dashcam Clips…

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Included in this dashcam compilation is a bizarre confrontation with a drunk driver that gets reported to police, along with some road rage and angry people.

Welcome to our 18th dashcam compilation that constitutes a reboot of our channel, and officially replaces the original video 200 from our original numbered series. The first part of this exciting and juicy episode is fresh and new dashcam content. The second part of this video is re-uploads of only our best dashcam captures of the worst drivers from 2015, presented in our current format of funny and comedic narration. The last part is clips submitted to us by our many viewers.

Watch this incredible video to see the worst drivers of Napa Valley, St Helena, Bay Area of California and beyond. See the driving fails, the road rage, the dramatic close calls, pure stupidity, horn honking, aggressive driving, traffic cheaters and the roadway drama we have to put up with every day.

We feature a ton of incredible driving fails and really stupid people behind the wheel who shouldn’t have a license. These bad drivers caught on camera make for a lot of interesting chaos. We have people from all around the country and the world submitting dashcam clips to include in our compilations. Lots of idiots in cars!




Youtube Channel: Bad Drivers of Shreveport, Louisiana

Youtube channel: Bad Drivers of Ohio

Youtube channel: Bad Drivers of North Central Maryland

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39 thoughts on “Bad Drivers Compilation № 18 [Odd Encounter With Drunk Driver] [Dashcam Clips…”

  1. 7:00 But it's… red? Are traffic lights optional the US?

    11:24 That's fine, but why are they leaving the car so slow as if they own the fking world? Jump the F out asap at least!

  2. 1:25– I'd be a liar if I said I never did something like that. One benefit of having the defunct high school less than 5 minutes away from you, is that you have a big parking lot you can be an idiot in when it snows.
    14:35– Wow, yeah that guy was definitely under the influence of something.
    Great video Napa!!

  3. I tried honking at a slow driver on a 2 lane road earlier today. They didn’t speed up. They knew I was there, they just didn’t care. Maybe if I had a PA they would have sped up? Or do some people still ignore the PA?

  4. 2:14 I used to speed up a bit to block drivers like that from doing something like that, but now I think it's just better to let them get away from me.
    3:24 🤦‍♂ It wasn't like there was someone behind her either.
    6:50 The only reason that would make sense would be if they were turning left. But they didn't.
    11:51 The classic Bad Drivers of Napa music.

  5. One time I was headed home and some jerk pulled out in front of the car ahead of me, making the person ahead of me and I slam on our breaks. The front car didn’t honk their horn but I did and when the person who cut us off went into a turn lane I gave them a gesture of “Really??”

  6. About a month ago, I was just driving to work and went through an intersection like normal, there was a person on the other side in the left turn lane. They decided it would be a brilliant idea to start turning right as I was going through the intersection. If I had gone through a second later than I had I probably would’ve been hit.

  7. 0:58 now that’s just rude that’s my biggest pet peeve I believe you can get a ticket for that in California

  8. How in the H E double hockey sticks does one walk into a parked/not moving car? I means a pole when you aren't even looking in the general direction kf said pole is one thing, but a car will show up in your peripheral unless the dude was walking backwards.

  9. Sometimes, I wonder if you teleported to the Inland Empire because some of this driving would fit right in at certain parts!

    3:10 Up-market areas and bargain-bin driving, what a deal!
    6:20 Someone was looking for adventure with an MD. At least have a jacket!
    8:05 Yeah, the lights were on but someone was asleep. Might have been at risk for endangering theirself. 😬
    11:20 Reminds me of Airplane! with the red zone and white zone gag. 😄
    13:30 This driving was literally all over the place, good call here, submitter! I remember seeing this video a while ago!

    Nice submitted clips, all of them, I enjoy seeing the new scenery.

  10. This is obviously a town FULL of no-drivin ASSHOLES, yes after watching this whole thing, YES THIS TOWN IS FULL OF IDIOTS AND THE GUY DRIVING IS ONE AS WELL FOR CONTINUOUSLY DRIVING AROUND THERE🤡🤡🤡🤡


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