Aspen Dental – They just want to make money

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Source: Aspen Dental – They just want to make money

Aspen Dental – They just want to make money

I scheduled an appointment for a broken filling. I went to the office and left after almost 2 hours without a new filling.

I had to go through x-rays which I told them them and didnt want them but was told it was an office policy. Then I saw two more people who then sent me to the office manger who at that point told me the new filling would be $860 and I needed to schedule another appointment. I left without another appointment. They should tell you about office policies upfront and not after doing everything you dont want and dont need and they should never send you home without the treatment you were scheduled for.

That is completely ridiculous in my opinion. Every dentist should be ashamed to work there not helping people but instead taking money for treatments you did not ask for.

I will never ever go there again and I hope a lot of people will be warned by this message. Please dont fall for this crap!

User’s recommendation:
don’t ever go there!

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Aspen Dental Dental Service.

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Deliver product or service ordered.

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Aspen Dental Cons:

Bad servicw, Leaving with the same problem i went in with.

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