Another fatal accident on the CV-60 shows the risk of the section…

Source: Another fatal accident on the CV-60 shows the risk of the section…

Found on: 2022-09-07 17:04:43

A multiple accident recorded yesterday on the CV-60 at the height of Castelló del Rugat resulted in one fatality. Members of the Firefighters Consortium went to the scene to release the person who died. In turn, the health media took charge of three other people, also involved in the traffic incident.

Sources from the Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) confirmed that the crash took place at 11:30 am, when three cars collided on the CV-60 highway, at km 17, in the municipality of Castelló de Rugat.

The CICU then mobilized a unit from the Urgent Medical Assistance Service (SAMU), two Basic Life Support units (SVB) and a Primary Care doctor to the area.

Medical services confirmed the death of a 77-year-old woman from Castelló de Rugat, and assisted three other injured people. A 71-year-old man, who presented polytrauma, was evacuated in the SAMU ambulance to the Xàtiva hospital.

The other injured people are a 40-year-old woman and a 5-year-old girl, both treated for polycontusions and transferred in an SVB ambulance to the Francesc Borja hospital in Gandia.

Sources from the Civil Guard confirmed to Levante-EMV that the deceased woman invaded the opposite lane while driving near Castelló de Rugat: «The causes of what happened are being investigated. A head-on collision has been recorded between the car that the deceased was driving and another vehicle that was traveling in the opposite direction and where a mother and daughter were traveling. The girl was restrained with a protection chair, which has prevented her from suffering further damage after what happened ».

In turn, another car that was driving behind the driver that caused the episode could not avoid the impact with the damaged utility vehicles, given the proximity between vehicles.

The Xàtiva Civil Guard police team is investigating the causes of the incident, since the woman who entered the opposite lane was traveling along a straight section. In turn, the Ontinyent guard court has been in charge of the judicial investigation.

The first notices about what happened were received at 11:28 in the morning and two crews and a sergeant from the Ontinyent fire station and one from Xàtiva traveled to the place where the accident took place. The severity of the episode caused traffic to be closed in both directions.

three fatalities

This incident recorded on the CV-60 at the height of Castelló del Rugat once again highlights the risk of this road in the section between Terrateig and l’Olleria. In just over a year, several similar episodes have been recorded on the aforementioned road, which have added three fatalities.

It is a road with only one lane in each direction that supports a considerable amount of road traffic, where vehicles often travel faster than recommended.

Its splitting was agreed upon 17 years ago at a meeting between the Ministry of Public Works and the Generalitat Valenciana, but the works are still pending. As this newspaper published in September last year, since the split was announced, the CV-60 has added 17 deaths due to fatal accidents and has become a black spot on the road network that connects the Central Valencian Regions.

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