Anna Duffey aka Anna J Duffey aka “Ana Duffey”Anna J. Duffey of…

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Anna Duffey aka Anna J Duffey aka “Ana Duffey”Anna J. Duffey of Encompass Health Scottsdale United States

Anna J Duffey is a “Case Manager” at Encompass Health in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has 3 daughters, 2 of which are Erin Brooke Duffey and Kaitlyn Duffey. She also lives with Robert Johnson on 138th Way. Encompass Health is a physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy hospital for people leaving long term hospital stays requiring physical rehabilitation services. The average length of stay at the facility is around 14 days. Typically a “Case Manager” works on behalf of the patient in helping to make sure the patient is taken care of and their services are in line with the patient’s goals.

Anna Duffey would have a more fitting title if they called her the “Wicked Witch of the West”. If you don’t follow exactly what Ana Duffey wants while you are in “her” hospital, she will come in your room and threaten you with the door closed. For example she threatens patients with revoking their driving privileges for 3 months when they have had no strokes, brain bleeds, seizures or anything that could lead to driving privileges being affected. The best part is that she has no credentials to affect a patients drivers license and neither does anyone else at that hospital. For the simple fact that you could end up with Anna Duffey of Scottsdale as a case manager at the Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital, I would never ever send a loved one there. Even if you ask Anna not to do specific things, she will try to circumvent you and lie to your family members and others. She is truly an evil person.

If you are looking to be lied to, mistreated and threatened while trying to stay stress free and working on your health, I would stay far away from Anna J Duffey of Scottsdale and Encompass Health Hospital of Scottsdale. Also beware that she mispells her name as Ana Duffey at the hospital so that patients can’t find her, but don’t worry, I found her for you.

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