AMG GT Hit By Drunk Driver

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First it was down for 2 weeks for a warranty repair, now it gets backed into at a light. Thatn isn’t even a common type of accident!


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39 thoughts on “AMG GT Hit By Drunk Driver”

  1. you should start a bar on top of a hill and park amg's along the way down. then also start a insurance and repair shop

  2. wtf is going on with the repair at 2:47 behind the rad? it looks like a blind man w one arm slapped body filler on and sprayed it with the wrong color yellow from a rattle can

  3. Hey rob how much for the range rover seat that you farted in… i don't want the car just the seat. Thanks bro

  4. Buy your totalled shit cheap off insurance, repair it and send it here to Europe. Balkan preferably, for a discount but still gonna be more than what you paid. Aint nobody worrying about no carfax here.

  5. It's said that the worst thing about an accident/fender bender like this is the mark on the record of the car. Once fixed I really don't see this affecting the ownership of the car once so ever. If the repairs are done by a competent mechanic


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