American Reacts to I Hear You're A Racist Now, Father! – Father Ted

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American Reacts to I Hear You’re A Racist Now, Father! – Father Ted

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22 thoughts on “American Reacts to I Hear You're A Racist Now, Father! – Father Ted”

  1. Craggy Island is a wild island off the coast of Ireland, its wet and cold so no-one in their right minds would ever want to live there ! The people are scared of Greeks !

  2. Father Ted, One foot in the grave and keeping up appearances were comedy GOLD! This brings back my childhood days 🥰 90s TV was the greatest 💗

  3. This is perhaps my favourite episode of any SitCom.
    it starts off like this and get more and more ridiculous. Stunning writing and acting

  4. Is no one guna call him out on the fact the beginning he saying he hasn't seen it but is saying " i hear your a racist now" in the same accent as on thr TV show lol

  5. “Only the farm takes up most of the day, and at night I just like a cup of tea. I mightn’t be able to devote myself fully to the old racism.”

  6. Take it from me, the more Father Ted you watch, the funnier it gets. The characters, the acting, the writing, the ridiculous scenarios and situations…it's all pure genius.

  7. Also what the whole episode when father ted accidentally becomes hitler in the window when the Chinese are outside

  8. Americans have no idea what racism is or how funny father ted is and ahead of the times. God bless father ted.

  9. The "Priests in the Lingerie Dept" was a brilliant spin on……???? Won't spoil it for anyone who wants to watch it.

  10. Father ted is a classic comedy sitcom about clergy men sent to a remote island as punishment because the mainstream church are embarrassed by them. all the episodes are funny and this was made when people could make a comedy unlike today. it's more suprising how the catholic church didn't protest against the program and the way it is potrayed in the series.

  11. Every single person, including you, misses the second part of their encounter off their videos. Why’s that?


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