AMERICAN REACTS TO A Geography Class for Racist People

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32 thoughts on “AMERICAN REACTS TO A Geography Class for Racist People”

  1. So who ever this chick is. She thinks the correct response to racism is to be racist. Insert stupid facial expression here.

  2. This,, comment,, (go back home!) would be written by,, native Americans,,, Mohicans, Hopies,Cheyenne,… 🤔So Listen to :Die Ärzte – Schrei nach Liebe,, (most covered anti-rascist song from Germany) everbody can ing along the bridge,, Arschloch!,,… 🎸Use translate.. Enjoy

  3. I have never heard of her before, but amsorry some pieces of sh*t would leave comments like that. We may all be different heights, weights, skin or eye colour, speak different, work different etc etc but we all bleed red…

  4. I was expecting something else from the video. The dude that commented made a fool of himself, and she made a fool of herself for letting the comment get to her because she just made a poor video showing where India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are located with a cheap joke that shows no interesting facts at all.

  5. I expect she got more "hate mail" for this but as her (mostly ) target audience, (white, male, and old ish), I loved it. Granted she's a "Canadian" and I'm proud of my country's exports… well some of them.
    The "good guys" can take a joke… the thin skinned special snowflakes that feel entitled to "tell her" their opinions will be seething.
    I am less creative than she is, so my response likely would have been more like: "Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither." or maybe "When I want your opinion I'll go to the 1600s"

  6. That was good, thanks for bringing it to me.
    P.S. change your name temporarily to 'Whispering Neal' (I know you'll fix it)

  7. I have to admit that I'm probably the greatest racist on earth. I just hate entire human race. When I die, god will answer me for creating such abomination called humanity.

  8. Trump won the elections.
    India and Pakistan was the same under the british.
    There are around 80M muslims who agree with the killings of christiians or westerns…thats the population of Germany. The are killing christians (for example in Africa by thosansds right now). If they were killing non stop basis in Europe they will be losing the benefits, pensions, etc… They are smart.
    The racists she is mocking are paying taxes too so she is not maintaining them.
    Be careful iif you began to mock or insult anyone. You can descend to their level and behave like the ones you criticize. Not a smat move. The same arguments can be said without the charade and in doing so they can be more powerful.

  9. The USA has more oil and natural gas than any other country in the world. So we don't need their oil or steal it. Brandon is cutting our own and begging OPEC for more. The USA is the least Racist country in the world, India has cast system.
    Woman also have separate train cars for women only, so as not to be molested by men.

  10. she made a funny video, but apparently in her anger at that insulting comment, she went too far: not all racists are men, and not all men are rapists. I'm sure you know that in Canada.

  11. in Germany they started some years ago to call people, who didn"t want illegal immigration right wing neo-nazis as well as people who didn"t like the states Corona measures


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