"America is the LEAST RACIST Country in the World" | Charlie Kirk

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Charlie Kirk goes one-on-one with Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary, Briahna Joy-Gray in an intense and informative debate about the state of race relations in America and the idea of “Systemic Racism.”

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Watch more at: "America is the LEAST RACIST Country in the World" | Charlie Kirk

26 thoughts on “"America is the LEAST RACIST Country in the World" | Charlie Kirk”

  1. Least racist country in the history of the world….a country economically built on a system of racism and slavery. Does this guy not believe slavery happened…or does he believe it was not race motivated. Or maybe he doesn’t believe america owed it’s economic and gained its wealth and class system on FREE labor from BLACK slaves. This guy is another extreme form of “empty barrels make the most noise.” Also why is he so upset he couldn’t get into Harvard “I hate that I black person got into Harvard and not me. Probably only got in because of diversity quota.”

  2. I lived in Europe for two years straight, from 1991 to 1993…then in my professional career visit Asian countries for weeks in a row…America is the least racist country I have ever visited.

    Get out and travel & live outside of America and then come back.

  3. I mean, she could dragging her body to clean water everyday in fear or Crocs just so she has something to drink. But I don't hear anything about those people.

  4. is there a place in america where its not safe for a white person to live?……. asking for a friend

  5. Rebel without a cause. Imagined caused.
    No reference. The oppressions in America are everywhere under different names. Certainly all over Africa.

    No reference, lives in paradise all her life, knows nothing else, no reference. See principle of references in Organizing the diaspora by Piankh

  6. She is a prime example of someone who is brainwashed.
    She has everything going for her yet still plays the victim.
    These are liberals in a nutshell.

  7. Well…. A million white men died in the civil war for black man’s freedom. I think we need to keep all the statues up

  8. Britain is the least racist country. We was drinking in pubs with black people during ww2 while the Americans segregated themselves. Britain was welcoming because we valued a persons worth regardless of colour…..hence the huge natural mixed population we have.(not a result of slavery or colonialism)

  9. America is definitely no ifs ands or buts about it the most racist country in the whole world you will not find a more racist country anywhere you go in this world than the United States of America that I can guarantee you!

  10. If I were given TWO WISHES to be granted, my SECOND WISH would be that people would STOP WORSHIPPING DEGREES and evacuate those places like they were on fire. Yup, that would be my SECOND WISH.

  11. Yeah now that we've seen how Harvard's been training people that I personally thought we're going to rule the world with intelligence instead we got this last three years of bukaki did I speak spell it right b**** look it up

  12. Harvard is n0 longer the prestigious school that used to be. It's more about skin color than educating. Joy Reid is a graduate of Harvard and she is a moron.

  13. Do people not understand that black people can be racist too , am Mexican and I'm tired of hearing that white people and only white people are racist


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