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United States, Arizona, Tucson

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Jul 27, 2021

Alysa Phiel

7315 N Pear Tree, United States, Arizona, Tucson

Alysa Phiel is a SCAM

Very disappointed, first off the head gentleman was seriously very rude. Asked who I was and said fill out the forms and walked away, never came back. Some of the wanglers had some experience but not what they should have working with inexperienced riders (we had in our group). Being a past wrangler at many stables, I was terribly concerned about several things: One the asked my son what kind of experience he had? Which I stated some riding at camps and his horse at home, they said great you get the horse that was new and never been on this trail! After they got each person on a horse they tied the horses to the outside of the corral with all the loose horses inside the corral running around, this is where I was waiting for someone or many people to get hurt if one or more horses decided to pull back and start a chain reaction of disaster. anyway, the ride was fairly easy with not any issues. I do suggest they learn to saddle better, the saddles were too far back and saddle pads were rubbing horses withers (which they should not). The grounds around the stable were noticeably messy, lots of manure piles and just poor maintenance all together. As a long term daughter of past Board Member, I feel like the stables has taken a turn for the worst. Lack of help may also be a reason, Cramming so many people on one ride due to lack of staff is another opportunity for disaster as well. I expected a little better from YMCA. There were a few wranglers that were very nice, I feel sorry if they have to work for such a grouchy person running the place. Attitudes start from the top!

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Published at Tue, 27 Jul 2021 3:0:1 GMT

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