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Hi! i can’t disclose my name bcoz i have been cheated by those ###…the process goes like this
“U will get the call from [protected] and explain about the concept i.e, he says you will be earning 6-8000 on every client meet and closly 40000 per month earnings and he even insists and mezmorize that you wanting to join.I you agreed about the concept he tell you to pay the money(based on seleting the plan in the website and tell you to register in the website, if you agreed to pay then the game starts from here.
He make many dramas like please pay the money to the SBI a/c20193565244 Rajesh Agrawal IFSC-SBIN001225 (he as many account in different banks as well) he also says i am holding your post even their is a high pressure from my boss and seniors to close the position as their is limited post in this regiion(all this are game plan don’t beleive) until you make a payment that ###..### will keep on calling you every 2 min.After completion of payment you will get one acknowledge mail to you mail id and ask you to sms the file id to him .
After 24 hours he will call and inform that, we have shared your details to client(he will keep on telling she is doctor and she is very sexxy and soft spoken.She is 30 years old and her parents stay in pune, ans she is very rich having 2 cars viz, benz & Audi) and she will call you.After 30 min you will get the call from [protected](two other guys who have registered with me have got the call from same number having said same story) and inform that she in OT right now and can’t speak further and will call you after 3 hours.
after 1 hour time that ### will call again will tell you to book the room behalf of her as madam is very busy and she is exhited to meet you (hotel range starts from 9000 like taj, oberoi hotels) and if you tell i have only limited amout then he will insist you to deposit that amount to above A/C and later he will share the hotel details(its been 3 days now i didn’t get any confirmation msg regarding the hotel i paid 4000) and suddenly the amount is deposited, will get the call from [protected] saying today i have to cancel my appointment with you(with low voice and crying) saying some medical emergency i must flight to my native and same will be told my that ### also.
Till noe i have on calling to client and that ### no response, by the way that ### leaves in Buvaneshwar
I urge no other guys to fall in this trap my humble request…

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